The Top 5 Super Bowl Commercials of All Time

The Super Bowl is anxiously anticipated every year by football enthusiasts and die-hards, but even if you aren’t into sports there’s no denying the epic Super Bowl commercials are hilariously entertaining. Here are 5 of the top 5 Super Bowl commercials that are just too good to forget.


1. “Bird vs. Jordan” (1993) – McDonalds
Filmed at the height of Michael Jordan’s career, this ad based on the simple premise of having a hoop-shooting contest over a Big Mac somehow turned into a commercial sensation. Featuring Michael Jordan competing against the (then) recently retired Larry Bird, the pair take turns completing physics-defying shots that escalate in difficulty as the commercial goes on – showing just how far one will go for a McDonalds meal. You can watch the commercial here.


2. “Singing Frogs” (1995) – Budweiser
Who doesn’t remember the frog pals hanging outside of that random motel, croaking their tribute to Budweiser? This commercial is perhaps so notable because it set off a huge Budweiser campaign (which of course, included the frogs) that lasted for years afterwards. So simple, yet so effective. You can watch the commercial here.


3. “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” (2010) – Old Spice
One of the most hilarious commercials out of the bunch, the famous Old Spic spokesman (and heartthrob), Isaiah Mustafa is pictured in this commercial repeatedly drawing attention to the fact that your man will never be able to do the things that he can or look the way he does, but if he buys Old Spice bodywash he can at least smell like him. These acts range from producing diamonds out of thin air, riding a horse shirtless down the beach, sailing on an expensive yacht, and more. You can watch the commercial here.


4. “Tide Ad” (2018) – Tide
There’s no better way to describe this commercial aside from calling it “definitely a Tide ad”. Actors playing different individuals, families, and groups of friends continually pop up in new shots, attempting to market a different gimmick or product, but they are constantly cut short by actor David Harver (AKA “the Tide guy”) who keeps interjecting that “No. This is a Tide ad”. Okay okay, it’s a Tide ad already. And it’s pretty flipping funny. There’s even a throwback moment with the Old Spice guy, referencing the popular 2010 Super Bowl ad. You can watch the commercial here.


5. “Alexa Loses Her Voice” (2018) – Amazon
Definitely the winner in terms of cameos, this commercial is centred around Amazon’s personal assistant Alexa getting “sick” and temporarily losing her voice. The purpose is to illustrate that a newer, updated version would soon be available. In the meantime, Alexa’s job is filled in by Cardi B (who refuses to play any music but her own), Anthony Hopkins (who adds a touch of sadism to every word out of his mouth), and Rebel Wilson (who can’t help but be lewdly inappropriate). It’s hard to get through more than 2 seconds without laughing, and it would be very surprising if this ad doesn’t end up being remembered as one of the most epic Super Bowl commercials ever. You can watch the commercial here.

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