The Dirtiest Beaches in the World

The beach is expected to be a tranquil place, surrounded by fine-grained sand, clear crystal water, cool breeze and the perfect sunrises and sunsets. Nothing is more soothing and therapeutic than the sound of crashing waves and the sand beneath the feet. Well sorry to burst your bubble but this really is the ideal. There are actually many beaches around the world that certainly do not meet these expectations as they are filthy. The beaches on this list are five of the dirtiest beaches in the world.

1. Haina Beach

The beaches in the Caribbean have earned the reputation of being countless idyllic stretches of sand and some of the best beaches. Well this does not hold true for Haina Beach in the Dominican Republic which is referred to as Dominican Chernobyl. People should stay clear of this beach, for it is both dirty and dangerous. An abandoned lead smelter left a wide area of land contamination in the local community of Haina. Extremely high levels of lead have been reported in the sand and water of the beach. This has led to lead poisoning of visitors and locals alike.

2. Marunda Beach

Marunda Beach in Indonesia, though popular, is one of the filthiest beaches in the world. This beach receives all the trash and debris from all the nearby beaches due to the tide and wind currents. The poor condition of the beach has been a perennial problem. Oil and other contaminants are dumped into the water by the factories that operate close by. There are hazards in the water and sand making it dangerous for visitors to this beach, particularly children. The stench from the beach can be taken from a mile away. The water is so polluted that it is difficult for fishermen to find fish.

3. Chowpatty Beach

Chowpatty Beach in Mumbai is one of the most polluted beaches in India. It is littered with plastic, paper and food waste. They wash onto the shore from the city’s drains, sewers and ditches. This beach has sand which has turned black as a result of oil exposure. A large amount of coal amounting to about sixty million pounds fell into the water in 2011 when the MV Rak sank, which also contaminated the water. Although it is thought to be unfit for swimming, it is still a popular beach.

4. Seminyak Beach

Pollution is a major issue on Seminyak Beach in Bali. Though Bali is known for being an ideal tourist destination, this beach is quite filthy. It is strewn by plastics which results from poor waste management and monsoon weather. Agricultural runoffs, industrial waste, sewage and garbage from nearby cities pollute this body of water. These are harmful to sea bathers. The authorities continue to have a challenge with collecting the large amounts of litter and dealing with the problem of pollution on this beach.

5. Port Phillip Bay

Port Phillip Bay is thought to be one of the dirtiest beaches in Victoria, Australia. About one hundred years ago, over 300 drains which run into the bank were installed all in the name of development. Fast forward many years later, this causes major problems as the shores and water continue to be laden with plastic bags, broken glass, garbage and even syringes. This level of pollution has caused increased amounts of bacteria and algae in the water which cause a stench. Needless to say, this poses a major health hazard for people who decide to brave this beach.

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