The Absolute Worst Places To Live Next To

Deciding on where to live is a big deal. There are many factors to be considered as one looks to make the best decision. We all have an idea of our ideal neighborhood and try to achieve this as much as possible. You may find a lovely house or apartment, low-cost, amenities, in a safe area, many of what you have been looking for but the catch is what lies next to it. There are some places that just aren’t ideal and are the worst places to live next to. Here are five of these places.

1. Major City Airports 

Living next to a major city airport may not be the best idea. Major city airports mean every day, all-day flights. Residing near airports can be hazardous to health. Emissions from aircrafts contain harmful chemicals that can cause a higher risk of respiratory issues among people living close to airports. Residential neighborhoods which fall within the flight paths of airports are sure to experience the problem of excessive noise almost round the clock. Aircraft noise can affect the sleep patterns of residents which can lead to insomnia and other adverse health consequences.

2. Popular Bars

It may be fun to go to a bar and leave when you have enough, but living near popular bars doesn’t afford residents the luxury of getting away. Homeowners often find themselves in a battle with bar noise levels and smoke that become a constant presence in their homes. Bars get pretty noisy from the loud music, chatting, arguments and fights among rowdy patrons. The rattling of window panes caused by the sound system vibrations that may go on into the wee-hours of the morning can keep residents awake. There are some countries where licensing laws or conditions of the bar do not restrict closing time.

3. Major Highways 

Living near busy roads and highways may not be a pleasant experience. Studies have found that this can have harmful effects on the body. Long term exposure to traffic air pollution may increase the risk of getting chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma and decreased lung function. It can also get really noisy with the honking horns during times of heavy traffic. For families with young children and pets, highways pose a safety risk. In addition, people living in such a location can experience a lack of privacy.

4. Nuclear Power Plants 

There has been public concern about the safety of living in close proximity to nuclear power plants and the possible health risks. There is a risk of nuclear accidents and radioactive leaks which can lead to cancer and cardiovascular diseases. While these accidents are rare, the events of the Fukushima incident in Japan in 2011 and several others prove that it is possible. There is also a possibility of environmental contamination in the area by leakages. Also, insurance companies in many countries exclude nuclear hazard liability which can be an issue if there actually is an incident.

5. Cemetery

Some believe it is taboo to live in close proximity to a graveyard, particularly those with superstitious beliefs. Many think that Hollywood has contributed to the negative feelings people share regarding this location. Horror films with zombies and ghosts have stigmatized cemeteries. These images are etched in the minds of many people. Living close to a cemetery means constantly seeing hearses, mourning families and friends and for an empathetic person may be too much to take in. Homeowners with the intention of not living there permanently may have future challenges selling or renting their property because of the location. 

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