The Biggest Lies People Tell Every Day

There is no one in this world who has never told a lie, and anyone who says otherwise is, well, telling one right to your face. Now this doesn’t make you an awful person, it’s just in our nature as humans to twist the truth every now and then. Some do it to spare the feelings of others, but there are those who will say just about anything to make sure things go their way. From competitive job seekers to shady employees and even shadier companies, here are some common fibs that are told on a daily basis.

1. Lying About Skills and Work Experience

In this rat-race called life, there are many job seekers who will tap into their inner fiction writer when it comes to securing their spot in a company. Someone who only knows what coding means is suddenly proficient in it, while a college dropout would say they graduated with honors. Even actors do the same. Suddenly they can sing as well as act, they know a thing or two about martial arts because Bruce Lee’s family trained them and are very graceful dancers who perform in The Nutcracker every Christmas. If this is you, then you can take comfort in knowing you’re not the only one.

2. Lying by Omission

Lying isn’t just flat out telling tall tales, it’s also leaving out the truth (which us regular people try to get away with way too often). It’s a favorite among greedy companies who use medical consensus as a cover-up for their poor and dangerous products. We’ve all seen those commercials and labels spouting “95% of scientists agree that…” or “1548 doctors say….” But it all means nothing because science is based on provable and observable facts and not research polls. So, always do your own research when it comes to these kinds of statements.

3. Lying about Healthy Products

Diet culture is another one that is used by sinister companies and individuals. These companies prey on gullible and absent-minded folks who don’t read past the front labels. There are many products labelled with the key words “low fat,” “diet” or “good for you,” but are in fact loaded with sugar and salt. Restaurants and food stores do this too! That wild-caught salmon could be from a salmon farm in Norway or the Parmigiano-Reggiano could be a cheap knock-off from Argentina. The bottom line is to pay close attention to what you eat and always read the back of the labels.

4. Lying about Extra Fees

It’s important to always be on top of your game, especially when it comes to car salesmen who generally have a bad rap. Many of them will use a rather common but dirty trick on buyers who don’t know any better. They’ll hit you with an extra interest fee due to your “bad credit,” noting that that the standard fee is for customers with good credit. And even if you do have good credit, chances are you’ll still get hit with some random fee just so they could earn more money. So stay ahead of their trickery by learning your credit score, what you’re eligible to buy and what the company’s reputation is beforehand.

5. Their Feelings/What They’re Doing

It’s safe to assume that most people have pulled the old “I’m on my way” or “I’m stuck in traffic” while they haven’t even left the house yet. Or what about “I’m fine, nothing’s wrong” while fuming with anger. These are some pretty common lies, but did you know that men are more likely to say the former and women the latter? That’s what a London science museum’s poll revealed. That and the fact that men apparently lie more to their mothers than their partners. And women are probably trying to spare their partner’s feelings when they say “no, you’re not going bald!”

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