Round Table Knights You Never Heard About

The story of King Arthur and his knights have been told for centuries and is well known around the world. Apart from being told in books and poems, King Arthur’s story has been portrayed in movies and shows like King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, Merlin and The Sword and the Stone. In those adaptations, characters like Lancelot, Galahad, Percival and Gawain have all made appearances, but what about those like Lamorak and Lanval. According to some sources, Arthur had over 150 knights. Here are some that you’ve probably never heard of. 

1. Sir Lamorak

Sir Lamorak was said to be one of Arthur’s strongest knights and one of five brothers who all had a place at the Round Table. According to legend, Lamorak could fight off over 30 knights at once, making him a valuable asset. However skilled he was on the battlefield, it was his actions off the field that led to his downfall. It was rumored that Lamorak was enticed by his widowed mother, which began a feud with fellow knights Gawain, Mordred, and Agravain. They were caught by Sir Gaheris, Lamorak’s brother who sent his mother to meet their deceased father, on the spot. Arthur offered to settle the dispute, but Lamorak’s fellow knights ambushed him instead. Most sources claim that Mordred delivered the final blow.

2. Sir Agravain 

Sir Agravain was one of Arthur’s biggest antagonists in early stories and he often found himself in conflicts with other knights including his brother Gaheris. He was proud, arrogant and didn’t care too much for people, but it wasn’t always that way. Early on, Agravain was a noble knight who gained a place at the round table after liberating prisoners. Unfortunately, his pride and envy of his brother, Gaheris and Lancelot, led to his death. After attempting to dispose of his brother three times, he switched tactics and told Arthur of Lancelot and Guinevere’s affair. While attempting to ambush Lancelot, he was slain by the knight.

3. Sir Geraint

Sir Geraint was a young knight who loved his wife Enid more than anything in the world. The couple were very good friends with Arthur and Guinevere so when rumors of Guinevere’s feelings for Lancelot started to spread, Geraint began to worry that his wife would be led astray by her dear friend. He stayed quiet for some time but eventually asked Arthur to leave court to return home to be a better ruler (of the land he inherited from his father). Once he got home, he spent much of his time with his wife which led to some conflict with his people. After the issues were sorted, Geraint and his wife lived in a happy marriage for the rest of their days. 

4. Sir Caradoc Short Arm

Sir Caradoc was a very powerful man from the kingdom of Gwent who had great influence among Britain’s kings and was one of Arthur’s father’s most loyal knights. Initially Caradoc fought against Arthur after believing him to be unfit to be king. After his defeat, he became one of Arthur’s advisors then one of his closest knights. After learning of the sorcerer Eliavres’ action, he went on a quest to try to capture him. Eliavres escaped and when Caradoc tried to stop him, he summoned a serpent to wrap itself around Cardoc’s arm, which disabled his limb. He traveled throughout the country to find a way to remove the snake and when he did, he sliced it down in midair. Sadly, his arm never recovered and was subsequently called “Caradoc Short Arm”.

5. Sir Lanval

Sir Lanval was one of Arthur’s most envied knights; his fellow knights pretended to like him while secretly hoping for his downfall. When Arthur was giving out gifts to his knights and followers, he forgot to give Lanval, who in turn was too proud to ask for one. He fell into poverty and depression as a result, but his situation changed when he caught the eye of a beautiful fairy, who he promised to keep a secret. Shortly after, he caught Guinevere’s eye and when he refused her, she told Arthur that he tried to make her his mistress. To protect himself, he spoke of his secret mistress and was then placed on trial. The only way for him to be speared was if she appeared and she did. Guinevere was revealed to be a liar and although Lanval was offered his seat back at the Round Table, he chose to leave with his fairy mistress.


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