Ways the World Would Change If Everyone Were A Genius

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if everyone was an Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton or Nikola Tesla? These were some of humanity’s biggest geniuses whose visionary ideas changed our world for the better. But what would that mean for the rest of us if we all had their brilliant minds? Would the world be better off or worse. So let’s entertain this idea, shall we? Here are five ways the world would change if everyone were a genius.

1. Artistic Output Will Increase

Being a genius doesn’t automatically mean that you’ll be more of a left-brained mastermind. Sure there would be more people engaging in the fields of science, engineering and math, but many would also pursue the more right-brained stuff or even both, much like Leonardo DaVinci who was both an incredible artist and innovator. The world would definitely be a more beautiful place with everyone expressing their most creative ideas at their maximum potential.

2. Mental Illness Will Become Rampant

There is a well-documented link between mental illness and high intelligence, and as Aristotle put it so eloquently, “There is no great genius without a touch of madness.” Take for instance Emily Dickson, David Foster Wallace and Howard Hughes who were all for having gifted but troubled minds. With that being said, a large percentage of the population would most likely suffer from some kind of mental breakdown, particularly anxiety and depression. Bipolar disorder as well, which is often found among those with higher IQs.

3. Narcotics Use Will Become Common

As mentioned earlier, intelligent people are more likely to be mentally ill and they’re also more likely to cope with their overactive mind with psychoactive stimulants, even more so than those with below average IQs. This fact has been supported in several studies such as a 40-year-long research from Cardiff university in Cardiff, Wales in which the participants were questioned every five years. In the end, they found that the subjects who tested above average on IQ tests when they were five were twice as likely to have taken stimulants by the age of 30.

4. Less Religion

Now this is not to say that religious people are dumb but rather that intelligent folks are much more likely to identify as atheist. This is because science and religion are pretty much each other’s opposites: science is based on empirical evidence and religion requires belief without any kind of solid proof. So based on this fact, it’s not too far-fetched to assume that religion will become less popular in a population full of smart people.

5. The Lottery Will Disappear

Have you ever heard of stories about people beating the lottery system? They certainly have to be in the higher percentile to pull this off. Now imagine if everyone had that sort of smarts, the lottery system would come crumbling down in no time as there would be a winner every other day. Everyone would be calculating the math and probabilities with little to zero effort. Then again, the ones running the lottery system would also be geniuses, so they’d probably foresee this issue coming and nip it in the bud before it got out of control.

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