The Outrageous Mother-In-Law Stories You Need to Read

Some mothers-in-law are straight up scary, while others are always plotting and scheming, kind of like James Bond villains. Many of them dread the idea of their sons or daughters getting married so badly that they cook up some of the worst schemes to chase the potential spouse away. Other times, they insist on imposing their beliefs on the couple, despite their objections. And their entitlement and pettiness know no limits. Here are five examples of mother-in-law stories you just have to read.

1. The Kidnapper

This expert mother-in-law is a know-it-all who knew exactly why her granddaughter had trouble sleeping and had no trouble pointing out that her daughter-in-law was doing it wrong. She also insisted that the baby would sleep much better at her home. Naturally, the young mother declined but the mother-in-law was relentless. She snuck into the couple’s home using a spare key then took the baby to her house. When the frantic young mother was about to dial 911, she noticed a selfie of her mother-in-law and her daughter who was sound asleep in her arms. When confronted, she blew off the young parents and told the daughter-in-law that she was hormonal and overreacting. 

2. The Second Bride

One of the unwritten rules of attending a wedding is not wearing white, unless the bride approves. Sounds simple enough, right? Not for this mother-law! Not only did she do just that, but she took it a step further and wore an actual wedding dress. The newlyweds didn’t notice anything odd during the ceremony until it was time to take pictures, and the photographer asked everyone to step in for a group photo. That’s when they were blown away by the bizarre discovery. Like the kidnapper, this mother-in-law defended her actions too!

3. A Wannabe Hairdresser

In this story, the daughter-in-law experimented with her hair quite often as a youngster, and would often cut it very short as a coping mechanism in her hard life. As she learned control, she grew her hair a little past her waist, something that she was incredibly proud of. Well, none of this mattered to the jealous mother-in-law who said that she was undeserving of such long hair. So she took it upon herself to cut off a good chunk of her daughter-in-law’s hair. The devastated daughter-in-law confronted her, and was berated and was even told that “it would back.” Unsurprisingly, she has since been cut off…the irony.

4. Dr. Phil’s Monster-In-Law

This Dr. Phil guest was the very definition of “monster-in-law.” Not only did she regularly insult her son-in-law with a demeaning nickname, she also inflicted pain onto him because “she enjoyed seeing him suffer.” Like that time when she slipped something into his hot chocolate during the holidays. The monster-in-law also expressed concern that her son–in-law was slowly making her daughter lazy and disrespectful just like he was. Maybe her child just didn’t like seeing her husband mistreated and abused?

5. The Gender Reveal Breakdown

Entitlement seems to be a common trait among many “monsters-in-law” who make everything about themselves. Even a gender reveal party has to go in their favor. This one was upset because she preferred a granddaughter over a grandson. So when the color revealed blue smoke, rather than pink, instead of celebrating like a normal person, she proceeded to scream “NO!” and left crying hysterically. It didn’t stop there – she then went on to call other family members to complain about her deep sadness. Poor her!


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