The Most Insane Reactions to Negative Reviews You’ll Ever Hear About

Winston Churchill once said, “criticism may not be agreeable, but it is necessary…” and he’s right. The problem with criticism isn’t the criticism, it’s the person on the receiving end of the criticism. There are some people who take it well and use it as an opportunity to better themselves, and there are those who don’t.  Within that group of people who dislike criticism, is a subgroup who goes the extra mile to make the lives of their critics living hell. Here’s a list of people who had the most insane reactions to negative criticism. 

1. Richard Brittain

British author Richard Britton was extremely pleased with most of the early reviews he’d gotten for his novel, The World Rose. According to him, critics compared his skill set to that of Charles Dickens, J.K. Rowling and even William Shakespeare. He went on to say that there were only a few “teenagers” and “idiots” who gave terrible reviews. One such person was Paige Rolland, a grocery store worker who despised the book.  She criticized every part of the book, from its cover to its price, plot, writing style and even the author. Furious at her critique, Brittain tracked her down via Facebook and travelled over 400 miles to the store where she worked to attack her. Rolland lost consciousness and was rushed to the hospital where she received many stitches in her scalp. Thankfully, it was captured on camera and Brittain was sentenced to 30 months in prison. 

2. Marisol Simoes

Elayna Katz was a patron at the Mambo Nuevo Latino restaurant where she ordered the jambalaya. She specifically asked the server to leave the olives out, but her request was ignored. She sent it back and asked for another one. When the bill came, she’d been charged for both, so she left her business card asking that the owner call her. Unsurprisingly, she did not receive a response, so she thought it fitting to leave a negative review about the restaurant. When Marisol Simoes, the owner of the restaurant saw the review, she was furious. She took Katz business card and created an email account where she sent messages to her employers about intimate activities. She did the same on a dating website. The harassment went on four 2 years before Simoes was found guilty of libel. She was sentenced to 90 days in jail, mandatory counseling, and 200 hours of community service.

 3. Diane Goodman

Avid reader Sean C. visited the Ocean Avenue Books (store) and was surprised by how messy the place was. According to him, there were books everywhere and in need of organization. He took to Yelp to voice his complaint and he even suggested that the owner close his store for a few days to clean up. Diane Goodman, the owner of the bookstore, was less than pleased and began to send Sean messages where she insulted and threatened him. Sean reported her and her profile was cancelled. Goodman made another account where she continued to harass him and when that account got cancelled, she showed up at his house trying to force her way in. 

4. Andrew Szakaly

Katrina Arthur planned to spend a long weekend with her husband at the Abbey Inn in Indiana, but when they checked into their hotel and located their room, they noticed a strong smell of the sewer. This was followed by a lack of air conditioning, low water pressure and bed sheets that had dirt and hair. When they went to the front desk to complain, no one was there, and they couldn’t find a single employee on the property. They cleaned up the room and tried their best to ignore the smell so that they could get some sleep. The next day, they put the keys in the drop box and went home. The hotel requested a review and when she did, she got a letter from Andrew Szakaly threatening to take legal action if she did not take it down. In the days following, she was charged $350 by the hotel for leaving a negative review.

5. Yu and her Husband

Yu ordered food (barbecue chicken and beef) for herself and some friends one evening and was surprised by how bad it tasted. The next morning, she left a review that claimed that the food was expensive, not packed properly and not fresh. She went on to say that she’d never had barbecue chicken that tasted so bad. That evening, she got a call asking her if she was the one who left the review and when she did, the person hung up. That same night, 7 -8 men showed up at Yu’s home where they attacked both Yu and her husband. They were taken to the ICU and treated for brain injury. The owner of the BBQ restaurant owned up to the attack stating that it was worth it to the review to be taken down. 


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