The Most Epic Ways People Quit Their Jobs

We don’t know one employee who hasn’t thought about walking out on their job at least once, but the thought of impending bills and responsibilities often stops them from doing it on the spot.  There are some people however, who have reached their capacities and left their jobs with such style that they need to be documented. Here’s a list of the most epic ways that people have left their positions. 

1. Quitting on Air

Quitting is one thing but doing it on air is a completely epic move and that was the story of a news reporter in Alaska. In 2015, while speaking about the use of a certain smokable plant, an ongoing petition of a company who specialized in the field, she expressed her thoughts on the issue and mentioned that she was the owner of the aforementioned company and that she’d like to spend her energy focusing on her company. Following her reveal, she said, “Well, as for this job, not that I have a choice, but duck it, I quit”. The reporter who was shown after her was at a loss for words before she mustered up the energy to go to commercial. 

2. 26 Pizzas

Most people wouldn’t be happy to lose their jobs but not Luka Arezina. Just as he was about to complete a six-month contract, Luka decided that there was no way that he’d renew it, so he devised a plan to let his boss know just how bad things were during his tenure. With the meager earnings, he bought 26 pizzas, one for each employee at the company which he labeled with a motivational saying, personal message or jokes as a farewell bid. The last pizza was for his boss and was the spiciest of them all both in taste and in the attached note.

3. Foolish Exit 

Ron Blake was tired of taking orders at the Chicago law firm where he worked so he decided that it would be best to step down, despite getting the timing wrong.  According to him, he’d have to buy office supplies, deposit money at the bank and pick up lunch orders for some of the firm’s members. His constant on the go lifestyle interfered with his education and the salary wasn’t worth it. Ron decided to quit that day and even as he was telling his colleagues goodbye, they continued as if he hadn’t said anything. When he arrived home, his voicemail was full, many of them asking where lunch was or if he was okay. He called to remind them that he’d just quit, only to be told that it was April Fool’s Day. 

4. New York Times Resignation

In 2012, Greg Smith sent in his letter of resignation as a high-ranking member of the investment bank Goldman Sachs via the New York Times. According to him, “it made me ill how callously people talked about ripping their clients off” and he also described the environment as “toxic and destructive”. It was a media nightmare for the company and Smith was being offered interviews from the likes of 60 Minutes to the New York Times… again. His bold exit led to a million-dollar book deal offer if he was willing to write about his time working at the financial giant. 

5. Emergency Exit 

Flight attendants have one of the hardest jobs in the world; not only are they responsible for the wellbeing of everyone on the plane, but they have to serve and deal with hundreds of personalities almost on a daily basis. So, when Steven Slater left his job as one of JetBlue’s flight attendants, it was understandable why. After landing at New York’s JFK Airport, he went on the loudspeaker to leave a curse-infused message for everyone onboard. He then used the plane’s emergency slide to get off the plane. To avoid jail time, Slater had to go for substance testing, counseling and pay the company $10,000 for restitution. 



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