The Insanely Weird Things People Do to Look Younger

Most people can agree that they don’t look forward to wrinkles, fine lines and the salt and pepper hair that happens as we get older. Aging is an inevitable part of life that many people are fortunate enough to see, but there’s no denying that it’s often dreaded. So we spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars on products and procedures that claim to erase the years of damage on our faces and bodies, whether they actually work or not. Some people are even willing to test out insanely weird remedies, all in the name of beauty. Please do not try these! Here are five examples of weird things people have done to look younger.

1. Injecting Snake Venom

We all know that beauty is pain, but does it have to be snake venom? One 50-year-old man who is a huge supporter of snake venom botox, claims that he has been doing this for nearly three decades. He also claims that nearly an hour into the injection, he is hit with a buzz of energy and feels like a young and active 23-year-old again. But before you hurriedly do the same, you need to make sure that you build up your immunity to the snake venom. Otherwise you’ll be in a world of pain.

2. Lighting Wrinkles on Fire

In China, they forgo plastic surgery and go straight to setting your face on fire in spas and they’re called “fire facials.” First, the spa attendant soaks a towel in alcohol and a secret elixir, then places it on different parts of your body including the face. Next comes the crazy part. The attendant lights the alcohol, lets it burn for about a minute and then puts it out with another towel. The reason for this is that the fire stimulates collagen and plumps out wrinkled skin. Also, the skin is said to feel revitalized.

3. Snake Massages

Earlier, a man injected himself with snake venom. Now we’re at snake massages that started in India before spreading to other parts of Asia including Indonesia. The rest of the world quickly caught onto the trend, and now they’re very popular in Brazil and Russia; the U.S. is now catching on to it. Apparently, the movement of the snake’s body on the bare skin leads to improved blood circulation and also releases endorphins which improves the skin. However, a few people, especially vegans, are highly against this practice.

4. Mercury Scrubs

In the Victorian Era, mercury was believed to hold anti-aging properties hence why it was a key ingredient in many beauty products. One of them was the mercury face scrub, which was a terrible idea for a number of reasons. First, mercury is extremely toxic to humans and is especially corrosive to the skin. Prolonged exposure to mercury leads to mercury poisoning and a long list of health issues including tingly or numb hands, feet and mouth, memory loss, depression and irritability. 

5. Kitty Litter Face Masks

This one’s supposed to be like a sort of mud mask but… why kitty litter? You just scoop up some kitty litter, mix it with water then slather it all over your face. Supporters of this facial mask claim that your skin will be moisturized and cleansed once you wipe off the mask. Well, since certain brands of kitty litter contain aluminum silicate, the same thing that is found in fiberglass house insulation, you could end up with skin tears due to the delicate nature of your skin. You could also develop more fine lines and even acne. So leave the kitty litter to the kitties!


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