The Darkest Myths People Still Believe About Rasputin

Grigori Rasputin was a Russian mystic who after befriending Nicholas II, Emperor of Russia, gained favor in Imperial Russia. Not only did he become a healer and holy man, but he was also a chief advisor and close confidant to the last tsar of Russia. Rasputin’s rise to success was swift and many people questioned his motives. When they didn’t get the answers that they wanted, people began to spin stories, some of which are extremely hard to believe. Here are some of the most bizarre myths people still believe about Rasputin. 

1. He Was Queen Alexandra’s Lover 

There were many rumors circulating that Rasputin was once the lover of Empress Alexandra. Since the fall of the empire, the rumor snowballed and has been portrayed in cartoons, film, and even in a Boney M song. Some historians believe that the rumor was started by people who disliked both the empress and the holy man but there is no evidence to suggest that their relationship went beyond the friendship level. If anything, Rasputin knew that it would be foolish to explore a relationship with the wife of the most powerful man in the country.

2. He Was Well-Endowed

One of the biggest rumors about Rasputin is that he was blessed from the waist down. Many people reported that Rasputin had women falling to their knees and it wasn’t because he was a holy man. It was even rumored that his member was severed and could be found on display at a museum in St. Petersburg, Russia, but in 1994 the item was tested and discovered to be a 13-inch dehydrated sea cucumber. Since then, many people claimed to have ownership, but none have been proven true.

3. He Spied for the Germans

When Nicholas II left to lead his army, his wife Alexandra, who was originally from Germany was left behind to rule the country, with the guidance of Rasputin. It was said that he would give advice based on visions he got from God. But when Russia failed on the battlefield, many believed Rasputin intentionally gave poor advice to help the Germans and Empress Alexandra win… but that was impossible. Rasputin was constantly followed, especially later in life by both Russian and British intelligence. He was never proven to be a spy, but many people still believed he was. 

4. He Was a Spiritual Healer – Who Kept Alexi Alive 

Nicholas and Alexandra’s son, Alexei – the heir to the Russian empire inherited hemophilia from his mother and he wasn’t expected to live very long. Hemophilia is a medical condition whereby the ability of blood to clot is greatly reduced and can cause people to bleed very easily. At the time, the treatment for hemophiliacs was aspirin, which we now know is the worst thing to give someone with that condition. It was often said that Rasputin would tell the doctors to leave Alexei alone, thereby sparing him the “treatment”. Some believed that it was Rasputin’s healing that kept him alive, but it was actually the lack of aspirin when he chased away the doctors. 

5. He Came Back from the Dead

There are several stories of famous people coming back from the dead and Rasputin is just one of them. According to Prince Felix Yusupov, who was by no means a fan of Rasputin, the healer was fed tainted cake which did not affect him. Yusupov then claimed that he aimed for Rasputin’s heart with his weapon which seemingly did the job. Yusupov went upstairs to retrieve something only to find Rasputin alive and well. As unlikely as that tale is, the source alone discredits the entire story.


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