Surprising Stories About Animals Who Committed Crimes

Humans are the biggest perpetrators. In fact, we’re the only ones—or so we thought. Many animals have also had their fair share of breaking the law, not that it applies to them. These situations are always accidental and for the most part harmless. The only true crime they committed is leaving us in stitches after laughing a little too hard at their antics. Below are five stories about animals who committed crimes. Just make sure you’re not drinking anything while reading!

1. Fish-Stealing Sperm Whale

Whales, like dolphins, are very intelligent creatures. So much so that sperm whales, specifically those found off the coast of Alaska have figured out how to get a free meal with minimal effort. First of all, the sound of the boat’s engine draws them in. Once there, they set their plan into motion—they use an intelligent technique to get the fish off the hooks then swipe them into the water. The Alaskan fishermen are understandably annoyed by the entire ordeal, but there’s nothing they can do about it.

2. The Bear Who Stole a Car, Crashed It, And Relieved Itself

Bears have a long reputation of waltzing onto people’s properties and pretty much doing whatever they want. So you could imagine this Colorado family’s shock when they woke up at 5:00 AM to find out that a bear not only broke into the car but went number two in it, too. The poor thing most likely got stuck while looking for food and somehow released the gear which caused the vehicle into the neighbor’s mailbox. The car was totaled and there wasn’t much left of the mailbox either. 

3. The Unsuccessful Slow Thief

Although slow and lazy by nature, one sloth in particular decided to help itself with some human food at a cafe in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. Caught red-handed on camera, the sloth could be seen strolling around in search of a quick late-night snack. Even though it tried snooping around carefully, its clumsiness kicked in and the slow-as-molasses robber fell toward the floor, making the cafe’s security aware of its presence. After the owner reviewed the image, he wasn’t completely surprised since monkeys tend to visit there during the day.

4. The Emu Chased by the Police

Just about every Australian native knows that emus can be a bit of a nuisance. That’s why when one escaped from his owner, the Australian police officers were tasked with retrieving it. They even considered enlisting the help of a lounge owner to trap the bird there. Naturally, she declined, worried about the possible damage that could be done. It was a daunting and tedious task—one that lasted from about rush hour and didn’t end until 8:00 AM—but they got it done!

5. The Cat Burglar

Sir Whines-A-Lot would make a great sidekick to a James Bond villain. Apparently, he has a habit of snatching money from people through a small gap in an office door where his owner works. The humans were more than happy to partake in Sir Whines-A-Lot’s sneaky little game. Eventually, the little incident went from an inside joke to a clever way to collect money for the homeless

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