Strange Jobs You Didn’t Think Were Real

At some point in our lives, we’ll all have to get a job, well unless you’ve been born into a wealthy family, but even they find careers to maintain their lavish lifestyles. Most people stick to the standard nine-to-five, five days a week schedule while others seek out more unique jobs – ones that are suited to their natural skill set and still pay the bills. Here’s a list of jobs you didn’t know existed. 

1. Professional Sleeper

Ever wish you could be paid to sleep? Well, you should consider becoming a professional sleeper. It is a highly sought-after occupation that if done right, could pay very well. Professional sleepers are hired by everyone from researchers seeking to understand what goes on during sleep to mattress companies wanting to test how comfortable their products are. Even artists, hotel owners, sleep aid and sleeping pill companies require their services, which means that this career is in demand. In terms of salary, the Sleep Medicine division at Harvard Medicine pays approximately $10,000 for 32 day-long research studies. 

2. Professional Mourner

Death is a natural part of life, but many people still have a very difficult time accepting it. While the amount of time people mourn for varies, there are some people who take mourning to another level. A professional mourner is a person who gets paid to go to funerals to grieve people they’ve never met. In many parts of the world like China, Africa and Ancient Egypt, professional mourners are hired to show up and put on an award-winning performance. The biggest benefit is that the more you wail or the more believable it is, the more money you make. 

3. White Hat Hacker 

White hat hackers are individuals who use their hacking skills to find vulnerabilities in software, hardware, and other networks. In a world where most corporations and governments operate through the internet, hacking has become a serious threat, so people who use their hacking skills are more important than ever. Hired on a contractual basis, there are opportunities for long-term work if the job is done well. The biggest benefit is that prospective clients will not ask where you picked up your skills. 

4. Odor Judge 

Smell is one of the most important senses as it not only helps humans (and animals) track food (and mates), but it can also alert us to dangers like gas leaks and bad food. Additionally, many of the products we rely on have become a commercial success thanks to the odor judges who approved the scents. Odor judges have to go through hundreds of bad scents, so a keen sense of smell is required to qualify, and there’s an opportunity to make a lot of money from it.

5. Shark Tank Cleaner 

Most of the people who visit shark tanks in zoos have no idea how shark tanks get cleaned. While many believe that the water keeps the glass squeaky clean, others just think it can be cleaned from the outside. Well, we’re here to tell you that they’re wrong. Sharks and other tanks have to be manually cleaned and there are people brave enough to do it. It’s an extremely dangerous job as there’s no way of keeping the sharks enclosed while the cleaning is done. For an above average salary, the only requirement is being a good diver. You’re then taught how to interact with the animals and what to do if things get dicey. 


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