Household Items That Can Actually Spy on You

Privacy is a big deal for many people. No one likes being intruded on and given our dependence on technology it’s very easy for hackers to do just that. There’s also the fact that the American government regularly collects the data on its own people, which is why we have to ask some apps not to track us. And it’s surprisingly the ordinary items lying around our homes that make us vulnerable to snoopers lurking in the shadows. Below are five items in your household that may be spying on you at this very moment.

1. Tablet and Computer

Most tablets and computers are fitted with cameras that can be easily hacked. There’s also the fact that we unwittingly type in a lot of sensitive data including passwords and financial information which make us prone to identity theft if someone were to stumble upon it. And we do this every day with little to zero thought about how we are possibly being tracked. One way to avoid this is by not saving sensitive information on a tablet or laptop, not even your own.

2. Smartphones

As mentioned earlier, we mindlessly enter personal information regarding important apps and websites. Sadly, this is exactly what hijackers are looking for. In 2012, the U.S. military disclosed that they created an app called PlaceRaider that used a phone’s camera, geo-location and accelerometer to create a 3D map of the phone user’s surroundings. Imagine if this app got into the wrong hands! Not only would hijackers steal your info, but they would also be able to carry out a first-hand break-in of your home, from any location. 

3. Television

Gone are the days when it was impossible to connect televisions to the internet. Today, they’re starting to look more like computers due to all the advanced features. In 2012, a computer security firm called ReVuln was able to prove that most televisions aren’t as secure as customers are led to believe. The firm was able to hack into a Samsung television with relative ease and gain access to the users’ settings and other connected devices. They even managed to install malware and extract personal data stored on the device.

4. Video Game Consoles

It seems that there isn’t a single device that isn’t able to access the internet. Like most modern devices, video game consoles are fitted with cameras that enable voice and motion interaction. Similar to phones, computers and tablets, video game consoles store personal information as well as connect to the internet which is a hotspot for hackers. If you or your child aren’t careful, your device could easily become compromised and we all know what happens from there.

5. Security Alarms

Your security system is another one of the many unexpected ways that hackers could be snooping on you and your loved ones. Security firms are no longer hardwired to a service provider’s operation center but are now wirelessly connected to several users’ phones, computers and tablets. This allows users to keep tabs on our homes at all times no matter our location. But what’s the point of a security system if it can be compromised? A security system may have state-of-the-art defense but there are always loopholes and blind spots that skilled hackers can find and exploit.


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