Funniest and Most Creative Ways People Have Gotten Revenge

There are so many ways to deal with anger-inducing situations. Explode in a fit of rage, cry out in frustration, try to keep it cool, or get back at the culprits. Sometimes, it’s better to remain calm and take your sweet time to exact your vengeance, as expressed in the saying “revenge is a dish best served cold.” After all, you might end up hatching some really funny and creative ideas. The people on this list understood very well. Here are five such moments.

1. Dance, Thief, Dance!

One of the worst feelings in the world is being robbed. A Massachusetts man who had his laptop stolen understood all too well. He also just happened to be a tech wiz so he was able to hack into his own laptop to retrieve it. That’s when he stumbled upon a 12-minute-long video of the thief busting some dance moves in front of the webcam. This led to the man uploading the video on YouTube and the thief returning the laptop in exchange for the video being taken down. Jokes on him, because the man left the video up to teach him a valuable lesson “Don’t steal computers from people who know how to use computers.”

2. Don’t Eat My Food

Some people just have zero boundaries, especially in the workplace, where they have no qualms about eating their co-workers’ food. One Leeds man, sick and tired of his food disappearing, decided to teach his co-workers a lesson. In a Reddit post, the man mentioned buying some fresh donuts and stuffing them with large dollops of English mustard using a syringe. Then he resealed the box and went about his day. Guess what? He never had another incident of missing food again.

3. The Lone Tattoo

The discovery of being cheated on can stir up fiery emotions in everyone. Not this Twitter user, who managed to stay calm and instead came up with a more long-term punishment. She convinced her cheating boyfriend to get matching tattoos with her. He agreed to it and went up first to get her name tattooed on his body. Then when her turn came up, she simply walked away. Now he’ll always be reminded of the consequences of his unfaithfulness.

4. Got Change?

In 2009, college student Jordan Renken had his car towed. As this was his only mode of transportation, Jordan had to walk 15 miles home and pay the $88 to release his car from the impound. Well, he paid the $88, alright – in the form of 8,800 pennies. The distraught cashier refused to take the payment but Jordan came prepared and knew that they were legally required to accept the money. Still refusing to back down, the police were called and they found the entire ordeal hilarious. In the end, Jordan retrieved his car and the cashier accepted the pennies.

5. Drive-Thru Trickery

There’s always that one person in public who can’t seem to wait patiently like everyone else. In these situations, it’s sometimes best to take the passive-aggressive route. While ordering at a McDonalds drive-thru, an impatient woman started beeping her horn and shouting at the man ahead of her. Undeterred, the man simply paid for the cranky lady’s food who started to regret her behavior. But when it was time to collect the order, he calmly presented the receipts then smugly drove off with both orders, angering the woman worse than before. Back to square one for that lady!


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