Foods Guaranteed to Cure Your Hangover

Drinking may be fun, but the aftermath is like a punishment straight out of hell. Head spinning, prolonged intoxication, dry mouth, nausea – all of these are terrible symptoms to deal with after a night out. Good thing there are lots of foods that will make your hangover just a tad bit more bearable. Get your notepad and pen out because it’s time to take some notes. Here are five foods that are guaranteed to cure your hangover.

1. Avocado Toast

Avocado toast isn’t just a great vegan breakfast meal, it’s also a perfect brunch item for woozy mornings. This is because the fat from the avocado and the carbs from the toast can help to return some balance to your stomach. Avocado is rich in potassium, which helps to regulate fluids in your body and when that’s missing, you can experience dizziness, general weakness and muscle spasms. But you may want to cut down on the onions, cilantro and citrus as these could negatively affect the hangover remedy.

2. Pickles

Pickles aren’t a favorite among pregnant women for no reason. It helps with the nausea in both morning sickness and hangovers. But they might not do any good if you eat them when you’re already down the rabbit hole. When the feeling arises, eat a few and you’ll be good. But why does it help? It’s because of the salt content which helps replenish your electrolyte levels. So if hangovers are a frequent occurrence with you, then it’s in your best interest to stock up on some good ole’ pickles – even if you don’t like them!

3. Bananas

As mentioned earlier, potassium is great for fighting hangovers. And guess which fruit is rich in potassium. Here’s a clue: it’s yellow, curved and you can peel it. That’s right, bananas! The high potassium levels in bananas will help restore your bodily fluids and the magnesium aids in relaxing your blood vessels, significantly reducing your headache. And then there’s vitamin B6, which is an excellent source of energy. Your liver absolutely loves it! Vitamins B1, B2, B3 and B6 help speed up the detoxification process in your liver.

4. Lemon Water

One of the reasons we get hangovers is because of dehydration due to alcohol being a natural diuretic, which causes our kidneys to flush out fluids faster. As you may have already known, your liver plays a crucial role in flushing toxins of your body, including alcohol. Lemon water is a great way to help the liver filter out the alcohol, resulting in a more hydrated body. Lemon also contains lots of antioxidants that stimulates enzymes in the liver and also vitamin C which boosts our immune systems.

5. Salmon

This one doesn’t actually cure a hangover, but instead significantly lowers the severity when you do get one. Salmon is very rich in fatty acids, but the magic ingredient here is vitamin B12, which significantly drops when you drink because the alcohol prevents your body from absorbing it from food. So you might need to prep your body with some B12 before drinking down too alcohol. You can even eat it with some asparagus, which will help to reduce liver cell damage caused by alcohol.


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