Biggest Misconceptions People Have About London

London is one of the most popular cities in the world, known for its amazing attractions including the likes of Big Ben, the London Eye and the Natural History Museum. Despite having instant access to the internet, many people still hold some bizarre beliefs about the capital of the United Kingdom. Some may have been true at one point, but that is clearly no longer the case. Here are a couple of the biggest misconceptions people have about London.

1. It’s Always Wet and Cold

Ask any non-Brit what the weather’s like in London and they’ll most likely tell you there’s nothing but rain and gray skies. But you’ll be surprised to know that the UK is a generally warm country though the winters in Scotland and North England can be very harsh with cloudy days. But given that London is in the south, the temperature there is much warmer, only slightly colder than New York on an average day. Also, it doesn’t rain much in London and snow is pretty rare as well.

2. Unfriendly People

Another stereotype is that Londoners are quiet, reserved and unfriendly people. Some people will even go as far as saying that they’re rude! In reality, Londoners are on par with other Brits in terms of friendliness. There was even a study that determined whether Londoners would stop to help an old lady with her bag and a woman with her fallen groceries, and the vast majority did. See, it’s not that they’re unfriendly, but more likely in rush, given the fact that London is a fast-paced, busy city. So don’t take it personally if someone bumps into you without apologizing.

3. Bad Food

The last thing Britain is sought out for is their food, which has a reputation of being bland and boring, just like their weather. So it’s safe to assume that food in London is no different, right? Wrong! London is a very diverse city, so it’s natural that there would be a variety of restaurants with cuisines from all over the world. And London has some pretty good street food that includes meat pies, donuts and other traditional recipes that go all the way back to Medieval times.

4. Coffee and Tea

Everyone knows that the British can’t do without their tea unlike Americans who can’t function without coffee. This led to the myth that good coffee is hard to find in Britain. This may have been the case a few decades ago, but today, the coffee scene in London is really impressive. There are lots of major coffee companies like Starbucks, Costa Coffee and Cafe Nero on just about every street corner. So now you know that there’s lots of places to choose from that can satisfy even the biggest coffee lover out there.

5. It’s Expensive

London’s only really expensive if you want to live there. But as a tourist? You won’t have to drain your bank account to enjoy your time in the city. Most of London’s top museums are free to enter, the same goes for their art galleries and parks. And when you do have to pay admission, it usually isn’t much. Take for instance the Kew Garden, one of the top botanical gardens in the world, it costs only £12 or US$15.50 to enter. Looking for something to eat? There are plenty of cheap pubs and restaurants of your choosing. You can do all this, and stay within any budget.


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