Month: March 2022

Victorian Era Inventions We Can’t Live Without

March 31, 2022 AnyTrivia 0

The Victorian era was a revolutionary period in history bursting with new ideas, techniques and technology. Humanity has certainly come a long way since then,

The Different Ways That Candles Can Ruin Your Life

March 30, 2022 AnyTrivia 0

Up until a couple of decades ago, before electricity and electrical devices became the norm, the world used to be heavily reliant on candles to

Weird Communication Methods Found in Nature

March 29, 2022 AnyTrivia 0

As humans, we know first-hand how important communication is and that includes facial expressions, body language and tone of voice; they all make a difference

Kitchen Gadgets You Didn’t Know You Needed

March 28, 2022 AnyTrivia 0

Most of us love eating but not so much when it comes to the preparation. Some of us have zero cooking skills while others find

Surprising Ways in Which the Roman Empire Was Super Progressive

March 27, 2022 AnyTrivia 0

The Roman Empire, despite all its faults, was truly ahead of its time in many ways. The nation was far from perfect but their advancements

Shocking Ways to Hack Your Body

March 26, 2022 AnyTrivia 0

Did you know that your body can be hacked? It’s not just some pseudoscience fantasy, just cold, hard facts backed by actual science. No, you

Quotes From Experts Who Got It 100% Wrong

March 25, 2022 AnyTrivia 0

For all the great leaps and strides we’ve made in technological advancements, it wasn’t always easy. There have always been groups of people opposed to

The World’s Most Bizarre Sports

March 24, 2022 AnyTrivia 0

Competitiveness is nothing new to the human spirit. That’s why we created sports. What better way to get our hearts pumping and the blood flowing?

Extinct Sports That Are Extinct for a Reason

March 23, 2022 AnyTrivia 0

Every so often, new sports are created, and some become so popular that they get added to the Olympic roster. Similarly, there have been sports

Myths About Weapons and Combat We Only Believe Because of Movies

March 22, 2022 AnyTrivia 0

Movies have a strange way of changing how we perceive reality and it’s not always a good thing. The good guy doesn’t always get the