The Most Out of This World Hotel Rooms

If you’re traveling outside your city or country, whether for business or pleasure, you’re going to need somewhere to stay. Maybe you’ll crash with family or at a friend’s place – if not, something conventional like a hotel will do. In those upscale hotels that look like something straight out of an HGTV show, there are a few that are absolutely mind-boggling, in the best way. Here’s a look at five hotel rooms that will leave you wondering whether you’re still on planet Earth.

1. Space Room, Fantasyland Hotel, Canada

Somewhere in the Fantasyland Hotel in Alberta, Canada, is a very special room created specifically for those of you who love any and everything sci-fi related. The space room is just one of the many themed rooms in the hotel, but what sets it apart from the others is the out-of-this world feeling you get upon entering. You’re no longer on the blue planet you know as home, but inside a futuristic spaceship complete with neon LED lighting, buttons, dials, and bunk beds that resemble sleeping pods.

 2. Airplane Room at Hotel Costa Verde, Costa Rica

Looking for something unique while you’re visiting Quepos, Costa Rica? Then take a look at the luxurious Hotel Costa Verde, where you can rent a room inside a renovated Boeing 727. On the outside looking in, you might think it’s a regular plane stuck in the thick canopy of the jungle only to walk into a charming room furnished with dark wood everywhere – on the walls, ceilings, floors and even the furniture. The plane is propped up on a ledge that offers you a beautiful view of the coast that stretches for miles and miles.

3. Utter Inn, Sweden

The Utter Inn may not be as large as the others but its peculiar location is the main attraction. The entire hotel has only two rooms; one located on Lake Malaren in Vasteras, Sweden, and the other, submerged underneath the lake. Obviously you’ll need to take a boat to get to the tiny hotel that seems to be no bigger than a tool shed or slightly oversized outhouse. Once inside, you can access the trapdoor that will take you to the second room, where you’ll wake up to the view of lake water through your porthole windows.

4. Igloos at Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, Finland

Like many businesses in Lapland, Finland, the Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort took full advantage of the region’s extreme northern location in the form of arctic-themed accommodations. The most famous of all are the glass igloos that are scattered across the plentiful snowfield. Why step out into the cold weather to gaze at the astonishing northern lights when you can do just that from the comfort and coziness of your very own private igloo. And if igloos aren’t your thing, then you can always choose from the log cabins or even a cabin-igloo hybrids.

5. Null Stern Hotel, Switzerland

The Null Stern Hotel is already well-known for creating a hotel out of an abandoned nuclear bunker, but they took it to the next level by creating “hotel rooms” in the Swiss Alps called Zero Real Estate. The name says it all – zero real estate as in no walls or ceilings, just beds resting on a simple flooring with nightstands. It’s a sort of fancy camping site where you get to gaze at the stars before dozing off. The room also comes with a butler or a local who treks up the mountain to offer you food and drinks.

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