Most Bizarre Endurance Competitions in the World

There are some people in the world who live to compete, and they’ve trained for years to one day reach their goals. While most endurance competitions include triathlons, sprints and road races, there is also another group of competitions that aren’t as popular. Despite not having a large following, there are still some people who are willing to compete in them, no matter the risk. From sitting in saunas for hours to speaking competitions, there are some truly weird competitions out there. Here are some of the strangest. 

1. You Wee for a Wii 

In 2007, Jennifer Strange entered a contest hosted by local radio station, KDND 107.9 called “Hold Your Wee for a Wii”. The console (Wii) was released a few months prior and was not only extremely difficult to find, but it was also very expensive. The competition was exactly as the title described, contestants had to avoid going to the bathroom and the one who lasted the longest was the winner. Additionally, contestants were forced to drink several bottles of water every 15 minute. Strange told people that she was doing it for her children, but unfortunately, she finished second. In the days following, she called in sick because of a headache and later died of water intoxication. Strange’s family was awarded $16 million due to the radio station’s negligence.

2. Longest Kiss 

While some endurance competitions involve lots of movement, this one only requires its contestants to keep their lips locked for as long as possible. Once they begin kissing, their lips are not allowed to part. Additionally, if one member of the pair falls asleep, they are both disqualified. If they need to use the bathroom, they must be accompanied by a judge or official to ensure that the kiss continues. The current record of 58 hours, 35 minutes and 58 seconds belongs to Thai husband and wife duo Laksana and Ekkachai Tiranarat. 

3. Dancing Danceathon 

Marathon dances are extremely popular in different parts of the world, but in the 1920s and 1930s, it was a craze in the United States. The rules were simple; as long as one partner was purposefully dancing, they had a shot at winning the contest. This rule often resulted in dancers holding, carrying or flinging their unconscious partners to stay in the competition. In many people’s attempt to break the world record, some did not survive. In 1923, 27-year-old Homer Morehouse died on the dance floor after dancing for 87 hours. The current record for a single dancer is 126 hours while the couple’s is believed to be 1,473 hours. 

4. Ferret in Your Trousers 

Ferrets in your trousers, also known as “ferret leggings”, is a practice that was extremely popular in Yorkshire, England in the 1970s. It began when ferret poachers, scared that they would be caught with the animal, would hide it down their pants to avoid being arrested. It eventually evolved into people placing bets at pubs to see how long people would last with ferrets down their pants. Competitors would have to wear white pants, and some were not allowed to wear undies. In 1972, the record was set at 40 seconds, but was raised to 5 hours and 26 minutes in 1981. 

5. Flagpole Sitting

Flagpole sitting began in the 1920s with Alvin “Shipwreck” Kelly climbing a pole in Hollywood and staying there for 13 hours. Although Kelly was paid to do the stunt to attract crowds, by the end of the decade flagpole sitting had become so popular that the record stood at 51 days. In 1959, teenager Mauri Rose Kirby beat that record 4-fold by living in a box fixed atop a pole for over 200 days. In the years following, flagpole sitting quickly became a thing of the past. 


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