Weirdest Celebrity Museums Around the World

Most museums around the world are dedicated to art and history like France’s Louvre Museum or the Smithsonian Institute in the U.S. But there are a couple of odd ones out there, created solely to honor the lives of famous people. In them you’ll find nothing but memorabilia, personal items and props related to that person. It’s a bit out there, but also intriguing at the same time. Here are some of the weirdest celebrity museums around the world.

1. Bonnie & Clyde Ambush Museum

Even the most notorious outlaw couple in history has their very own museum. It’s located in Gibsland, Louisiana, the very same town where the pair frequently engaged in their crime spree, including robbing, shooting and stealing. Upon entering, you’ll instantly be hit with a wave of nostalgia in the form of replicas of their getaway car, firearms and other important artifacts. And about eight miles south of the museum lies a monument at the actual site where the duo met their eventual demise.

2. Jackie Chan Museum

Somewhere in Shanghai, China is a museum created out of a revamped factory that honors the legacy of actor and kung fu master Jackie Chan. The tour includes a brief clip of the legend himself welcoming visitors inside. Afterwards, you’re pretty much able to explore any of the museum’s four sections that covers everything from his early film career to his philanthropic endeavors. There are also lots of props on display that reflect his many action-packed movies. Lastly, visitors are left with words of encouragement from Jackie Chan urging them to make a charitable donation.

3. The Britney Spears Exhibit at the Kentwood Museum

It should be no surprise that this iconic pop princess has her very own museum. The Kentwood Museum decided to create a Britney Spears section in 2001 so that her loyal and devoted fans could learn more about the singer. It’s divided up into three parts: the first has to do with her childhood, the second is about her time with the “New Mickey Mouse Club” and the third highlights her career as a successful pop star. There are also gift shops where you can purchase Britney Spears merchandise.

4. The Ernest Hemingway Home & Museum

Ernest Hemingway is one of the most iconic literary figures in the world, a man whose work is still praised and admired even to this day. His old home in Key West, Florida was converted into a museum for curious fans who want to learn more of the writer. The home’s original design is still the same and the elegant furniture is on full display, along with the beautiful gardens and original pool. Ernest Hemingway was the owner of a white, six-toed cat and many of said cat’s descendants still live on the museum’s grounds.

5. The Arnold Schwarzenegger Museum

Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of Austria’s most famous celebrities. So it’s only natural that they celebrate his accomplishments by creating a museum in his honor right in the small town where he was born. On display are all the amazing things he has achieved so far, both acting and humanitarian related. There is also a collection of weights and equipment from his body building days, rare movie props and even a glimpse of his governor’s desk. Like the terminator, you’ll definitely be coming back!

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