The Top 5 Countries with the Best Food

Food has captivated taste buds around the world for centuries. Traditional meals are simply one facet of a nation’s cuisine; other elements include preparation, ingredients, seasoning, presentation, variety and even customs and culture. While taste is subjective, there are countries of the world that have received high praise for having great food. Whether it is a home cooked meal in someone’s kitchen or at a five-star restaurant, a good food experience is guaranteed. Here are five countries that offer the best food.

1. Italy

Italians are considered the masters of world cuisine. Many are of the opinion that Italy has the best food in the world. Italian food’s signature colors, that is, red, yellow, and green from their vegetables, herbs and spices always produce a fantastic combination of flavors that satisfy almost every palate. Typically, tomato, bread and olive oil serve as a foundation for every dish. The freshness of the ingredients used holds the mystery of the cuisine. No artificial ingredients or processed foods are used. The Italians pride themselves on making foods that are simple but bursting with flavor. Italian food has won the stomachs of people around the globe whether it’s basic spaghetti and meatballs or a sophisticated risotto dish with truffles.

2. Mexico

Mexico is famous for its varied and flavorful cuisine. Other than very delicious enchiladas, tacos, helados and quesadillas, Mexico also offers Greek salads, the spiciness of Thai foods and the richness of Indian curry. The foods are rich and made from fresh produce. The recipes used include superfoods high in essential nutrients, fiber and antioxidants such as avocados, tomatoes, garlic, beans and chocolate. Nopalitos (cactus) is a common ingredient used in Mexico. Indulging in Mexican cuisine is taking a taste of the country’s unique culture.

3. France

France is well known for being the gourmet capital. Tasty foods and treats such as baguettes, praline, Madeleines, pain au chocolat and raisin brioche bread are made and sold in France. Enjoying freshly baked croissants with a small cup of coffee on a morning is common at all bistros. French cuisine includes the use of seasonal products and fresh herbs and spices. Delicious stews and famous sauces are also served in France. Braising, flambéing, poaching, sautéing and other techniques used add a burst of flavor and texture to their food. Wines and cheese are also an important aspect of French cuisine.

4. Japan

The food culture in Japan is one that is rich and simply extraordinary. It is common that chefs in Japan pay attention to detail and precision. Sushi, sashimi, tempura and ramen are a few of what is found on menus in Japan. Their cuisine is influenced by foods from different parts of the world. Japanese chefs enjoy inventing and innovating with their cooking thus there are a wide variety of dishes to feast on. Food is turned into art and everything is turned into food. Traditional dishes are beautifully presented and snacks are in shapes that promote tourist attractions.

5. India 

Indian food is coveted because of its eclectic mix of ingredients and intoxicating aromas. Sweet, savory and spicy flavors are fused which definitely makes the food stand out. Foods in India are made from fresh vegetables of high nutritional value. Foods are prepared from scratch, thus food is more organic with little to no preservatives. The dishes are complex and sometimes require a long time to prepare. Foods represent a blend of various cultures and traditions with idlis, dosas, sambar and rasam in the south and nihari and butter chicken to the north.

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