Incredible Places on Earth You Never Knew Existed

Found on this blue planet we call home are some of the most unique and intriguing places, both man-made and natural. They invoke within us a wide range of emotions—awe, fear and even inspiration, to name a few. Sadly, many of these places seem to go under the radar, and don’t often get the attention that they truly deserve. So to do just that, here are five of the most incredible places on Earth that you never knew existed.

1. Gardens of Bomarzo – Italy

In the province of Viterbo Italy lies the Gardens of Bomarzo, also known as the Park of the Monsters. It’s filled with many bizarre and wondrous sculptures that were purposely designed to elicit a sense of grief and shock in visitors. The mastermind behind this garden was an Italian captain named Pier Francesco Orisini, who was caught during a war and held ransom for many years, only to learn of his wife’s death upon returning home. In his despair, Orisini commissioned a Villa of Wonders in order to portray his grief and sadness.

2. Lake Hillier – Australia

The land down under is home to some of Earth’s most unique species, both flora and fauna. But did you know that even the world’s most unique lake is found there too? Lying in Western Australia is the spectacular Lake Hillier, and what makes it stand out from other lakes is its high salt content and striking pink color. According to scientists, this is most likely due to the presence of Dunaliella salina microalgae, which produces a pigment called carotenoids. And the best part of it all is that Lake Hillier is perfectly safe to swim in.

3. Hoia Forest – Romania

Did you know that in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, there is a forest that locals view as the Bermuda Triangle of their country? It’s called the Hoia Forest and many consider it to be the world’s most haunted forest because of the many disappearances and unexplainable events that occur there. Those who return from the forest often report strange and spooky things happening such as seeing faces appearing in pictures, hearing voices and alleged UFO sightings. Electronic devices failing as well as nausea and anxiety are some of the things that are also frequently experienced.

4. Door To Hell – Turkmenistan

In the middle of Karakum Desert in Turkmenistan lies a giant pit of fire, boiling mud and intense flames known as the Door to Hell, or more formally, the Darvaza gas crater. The giant fiery crater is actually a burning natural gas field collapsed into a cavern that has been ignited since 1971. Many people believe that the Door to Hell started out as a natural gas crater that was set on fire by Soviet geologists in order to prevent the spread of toxic gasses including methane. Although the crater has been closed since 2010, you can visit but only from afar.

5. Fly Geyser – Nevada

Now you may think that the towering and colorful Fly Geyser in Nevada is the amazing work of Mother Nature herself, but it’s actually a beautiful accident, well sort of. The state’s most popular attraction came into being in 1917 thanks to a failed drilling attempt to place a well. But it wasn’t long till heated water began escaping through the cracks from beneath the ground, leading to mineral deposits that slowly formed into mounts and then finally the breathtaking green and red geyser.

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