5 of the Most Expensive Apartments in the World

Can you guess how much the most expensive apartment in the world is? Okay, now whatever number you’re thinking you might want to add a couple hundred million. Yep, turns out that’s just a drop in the bucket for some people. Let’s look at some of the most opulent and expensive homes of those living lifestyles of the rich and famous (so we can all feel bad about ourselves).


1. $58 Million: Three Harbour Green, Vancouver
Vancouver has skyrocketed in the last fifteen years for the cost of real estate, with the average cost of buying a home hovering somewhere around a cool million. The most expensive apartment in the city’s history went for $58 million in 2016. Over 8000 square feet and spanning two floors, the most beautiful aspect is the view. The glass walls and many windows give a panoramic view of the snow-capped mountains and ocean, and if you step outside there is another 4840 square feet of meticulously landscaped outdoor space to enjoy.


2. $75 Million: Tower ONE, Dubai
This list wouldn’t be complete without a penthouse from Dubai. This colossal apartment boasts 40 000 square feet spread over two levels, with an additional 16 000 square feet of outdoor space, including an infinity pool with breathtaking views of the ocean and the glitzy city of Dubai. There’s also a 12-car garage, a gym, hair salon, servants’ quarters, and in case none of those tickle your fancy, an art gallery.


3. $100 Million: City Spire Penthouse, New York
Oh New York, New York. If you can buy an apartment there, you can buy one anywhere. This penthouse at the City Spire is a whole 8000 square feet, (that
works out to a reasonable $12 500 per square foot) and offers an amazing 360-degree view of the bustling city from wherever you happen to be lounging. This must have really been a plus, as the interior designer himself initially referred to the inside decor as “horrific”. Luckily, it’s since been updated.


4. $225 Million: One Hyde Park, London

With a well-deserved reputation for being one of the most expensive cities to own property in, this 2018 penthouse in Central London will certainly still shock even those used to the sky-high prices. This gorgeous apartment boasts heated marble floors, a 21-metre pool, a theatre, a library and so much more. The complex even has a 24-hour security team trained by a special forces unit of the British army called the SAS, so if you wanted to try and sneak a peek, good luck.


5. $400 Million: Sky Penthouse at the Odeon Tower, Monaco
It’s not necessarily where you would expect the most expensive apartment in the world to be, but the first skyscraper the city of Monaco has built in 30 years ended up topping the world charts in luxury living. This 38 000 square foot penthouse has a water slide – but wait. The slide connects to the dance floor, which connects to the private infinity pool outside. It makes the fact that it has five floors, five kitchens, and a live-in caterer seem slightly less over the top.

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