The Most Fascinating People With Extra Body Parts

Human beings are bipedal mammals with two legs, two arms and five fingers and toes. That much is obvious. But there are people who, due to one rare genetic mutation or another, are clearly born outside of the norm in the most unexpected ways. In this article, we identify five extraordinary cases of people who were born with extra body parts in ways that you would never imagine.

1. Deepak Paswaan – Extra Limbs

In India, a boy named Deepak Paswaan, was born with an underdeveloped twin growing out his chest. The twin’s arms and legs dangled out of the young boy’s body, which sadly led to frequent bullying from other children. Hindu pilgrims on the other hand, worshiped him as a reincarnation of the god Vishnu who is depicted as having four arms. However in 2010, a charitable hospital in Bangalore, India agreed to perform the surgery to remove the parasitic twin that would otherwise cost the family $78,000. Today, he lives a normal, healthy life.

2. Zhao Huikang – Extra Face

Zhao Huikang, nicknamed “Kang Kang”, is a young Chinese boy born with a rare birth defect that resulted in what appeared to be two faces overlapping each other. Zhao’s condition is known as macrostomia, an abnormally large opening of the oral cavity. This greatly affects his ability to speak and chew, resulting in malnutrition. On May 19 and September 1 in 2010, with the help of public donations, the then 15-month-old Zhao underwent surgery to repair his facial bones, muscles and surface issues, though only time will tell if his bones will grow normally.

3. Brigham Nordstrom – Extra Organs

Normally, we hear of people being born with partially formed or missing organs, such as having only one kidney. But a New Zealand lawyer Brigham Nordstrom seems to have won the genetic lottery of some sort. At the age 28, Brigham went to the hospital for a kidney infection, only to discover that he had not one, not two, but five kidneys! Getting them removed was out of the question as doing so might affect his nervous system. So Brigham continued to live his perfectly healthy life despite having three extra organs.

4. Hong Hong – Extra Fingers and Toes

Polydactylism is a fairly common congenital deformity that results in extra finger(s) and or toe(s). But some people have way more than just one extra digit, as in the case of Hong Hong, who has an astounding 15 fingers and 16 toes. The condition seems to be hereditary as Hong Hong’s mother herself has six digits on each hand and foot, so she pretty much expected her son to have the condition as well, though obviously not to this extent. Luckily, the family was able to raise $30,000 so the little boy could have the extra digits removed.

5. Myrtle Corbin – Extra Legs

In 1888, an otherwise healthy baby girl named Myrtle Corbin was born with a congenital deformity called dipygus which manifests as duplicated lower limbs and organs. In Myrtle’s case, she had separate pelvises located side by side, an extra pair of legs and two sets of reproductive organs. The outer legs were longer and stronger, while the inner legs, despite being able to move, were too short to walk on. Myrtle was even able to get pregnant and went on to successfully carry to term five times, giving birth to four daughters and a son. She passed away at the age of 60 in 1928.

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