Potentially Fatal Accidents That Cured People’s Medical Conditions

Life-altering events, from earthquakes, hurricanes to accidental falls happen all the time and unfortunately, they often result in the loss of life. There are some cases, however, when some people benefit from such events. Traditionally, illnesses have been cured with the use of medicine, but there have been times where the aforementioned incidents led to the miraculous recovery of people’s ailments, including cancer, blindness, and multiple sclerosis. Here’s a list of potentially fatal accidents that have cured medical conditions. 

1. Headbutted by a Horse

On December 7th, 1941, Don Karkos’ was aboard the USS Rapaden that was tasked with refueling Allied ships in the North Atlantic Ocean during WWII. While on one of its runs, an explosion occurred that caused a metal fragment to lodge into his right eye, blinding him. He was given the opportunity to remove it, but he decided to keep it and it’s a good thing he did. He returned to the United States where he often bumped into things because of his blindness. His situation got worse when he started to lose vision in the other eye due to cataract. Months go by when a horse named “My Buddy Chimo” headbutts Karkos so hard that he slammed into a wall. The war veteran went home that night to discover that he could see in his right eye.

2. From Braces to High Heels 

In 1972, an engaged 19-year-old named Mary Clamser was not only diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, but she was also told that she would never be able to have children nor walk again once the disease took its course. Mary struggled with her condition and through three pregnancies which gave her and her husband two sons and a daughter. In the summer of 1994, during a thunderstorm, Mary was struck by lightning while holding the metal bar in her shower. Despite being flung across the room and requiring hospitalization, Mary not only survived, but she noticed that feeling had returned to her legs. She was able to walk long distances, exercise and live a normal life. 

3. Miracle Earthquake?

In June 2003, Robert Valderzak, a father of five, lost his hearing after a bad fall which also led to him fracturing his skull. He got a special microphone for talking and learned to read lips in an attempt to adjust to his new reality as best he could. Two months later, a 5.8-magnitude earthquake hit Virginia and was felt along the entire East Coast causing evacuations across the entire area. At the time of the earthquake, Robert was receiving treatment at the Veterans Affairs Hospital in Washington, DC with his children. Shortly after the quake, Valderzak realized that he could hear his son talking.

4. Goodbye Glasses

In July 2017, Faith Mobley, a part-time McDonald’s drive-thru worker and student was washing dishes when she was struck by lightning. The lightning hit the building then went down the pipes to Mobley who was busy doing the dishes. The incident left her unconscious and with a large hole in her shoe. She woke up to find a burn on her foot and that she no longer needed to wear glasses. The most significant outcome was that her eye color changed. 

5. No More OCD

In February 1988, a man who only wants to be identified as George accidentally cured himself of obsessive-compulsive disorder after what could have been a tragic accident. George was diagnosed with the personality disorder at a young age and after it cost him both his education and job, the 19-year-old decided that he didn’t want to continue in this life. Rather than doing what he’d hoped, the projectile lodged itself into the left front region of his brain. Shortly after recovery, George noticed that the compulsive thoughts had disappeared. He got a job, went back to school where he became a top student. His case was called a “successful radical surgery”.


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