People From History Who Refused to Stay Dead or Die

We’ve all heard stories of people who have come back from the dead, but have you ever heard of people who refused to go beyond the veil? Well, this list contains several people, who against great odds, refused to bite the dust. Several methods and attempts were made to “get rid of them” and whether it was divine intervention or just plain luck, they managed to escape with their lives. Let’s find out exactly what they did. 

1. Anne Greene

Anne Green was the housemaid of a wealthy family who, after being seduced by the grandson, became pregnant and told no one. Unfortunately, she lost her baby. When it was discovered, she was charged for hiding what happened, despite clear evidence that it was accidental. She was sentenced to death and while on the noose, refused to pass away. Despite efforts to speed up the process, she resisted. Believed to have finally passed, she was placed in her coffin, but someone heard her breathing. She was taken out and pardoned. She died several years later.

2. Matthew Wall

In 1571, an English farmer named Matthew Wall suddenly and unexpectedly passed away. On the day of the funeral, one of his friends slipped on a leaf while carrying his coffin up a hill to the church. He and his load hit the ground hard, and everyone remained silent while the men collected themselves. It was during this silence they heard a sound (what sounded like muffled screaming) coming from the casket. Upon opening it, they saw Wall… alive. Wall had been in a coma and the fall brought him back. Wall married his fiancé and had two children with her. He died of natural causes after a full life. In his will, he left money to the church who brought him back from the dead.

3. John Capes

John Capes worked as a stoker on the HMS Perseus submarine in November 1941. A few days into the journey, it was struck by a mine and all 61 crew members aboard the vessel perished… all except John Capes. According to him, he was relaxing in a hidden makeshift bunk located in a spare torpedo tube when they were hit. Capes escaped with two others, but they were never found again and were presumed gone.  He made it to the surface some 170 feet above where he was found unconscious by some seamen who hid him. He would make it back to Britain where he told his story and was awarded the British Empire Medal. Those who doubted his story learned it to be true many years later when the submarine was discovered. 

4.King Zog of Albania

Many people disliked King Zog of Albania and as such, they attempted to get rid of him. By 1931, the king had been shot twice; the second time while he was leaving the Vienna State Opera House. He managed to make it to his destination to deliver a speech before seeking medical treatment. Later in his life, he made fewer and fewer public appearances, and not only did he put his mother in charge of tasting his food, but he left his family in charge of the farm. By 1939, he’d gone into complete exile, finally kicking the bucket in 1961.

5. Hugh Glass

Hugh Glass was an extremely lucky man. In 1818, he escaped from pirates only to be captured by a Pawnee tribe. They took pity on him and allowed him to become a member, teaching him their ways. In 1822, he escaped and joined up with fur hunters under General Ashley near the Missouri River. While there, Glass was attacked by a female grizzly bear who had been protecting her cubs. He wrestled the bear with his bare hands but somehow managed to escape. General Ashley instructed two men to ensure that he was comfortable until he departed, but they stole his possession and left him there. Three days passed and Glass was still alive. He eventually caught up with Ashley’s team using tracking tactics he’d learned from the tribe. He reported the men and lived a full life until 1833. 



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