Crazy Times Identical Twins Tried Getting Away with Crimes

For centuries identical twins as well as other identical multiples have tried to get away with different acts, ranging from school exams, chores and there are those who try to evade the law. There are subtle differences in most identical twins but there are some who are extremely difficult to tell apart. These types of twins come from the same fertilized egg, so it means that this type of twins have the same DNA. There have been many cases where twins have gotten away with crimes because they could not differentiate between the two people. Here’s a list of twins who have tried to get away with crimes.

1. Hassan and Abbas O.

In 2009, twins Hassan and Abbas O.  both managed to escape prosecution even though one of them was involved in a jewelry heist. On the night of February 25th, three men were involved in the raiding of Kaufhaus Des Westens, a luxury store in Germany, famous for selling jewelry. They stole over 5 million pounds of good, but the entire thing was caught on CCTV. The footage, although they were masked, and a forgotten glove led police to the brothers, but the police could not tell which one or if both were involved. The men didn’t confess either, so police had to free them and the jewelry remained missing. 

2. Albert Ebenezer Fox and Ebenezer Albert Fox

At the turn of the 20th century, twin brothers Albert Ebenezer Fox and Ebenezer Albert Fox went on a spree of robberies where they used a unique tactic to evade conviction. While one brother committed the crime, the other would be doing something completely normal to provide an alibi for both. It is important to note that the brothers looked so alive that their own parents had to pin colored ribbons on them to differentiate them. The fact that their names were so close didn’t help law enforcement. Because of their frequent run-ins and similar features, police began to document their fingerprints and scars. In 1904, the Fix twins were the first people prosecuted using fingerprint evidence.

3. Charles and George Finn

In 1952, Charles and George Finn, two US Army Air Corps members during World War II purchased an airplane from the Bakers Shook District in the hopes of modifying it for the airline they were going to start. However, the government had other ideas. They stopped the purchase because the school district did not have permission to sell it, but the brothers refused to return it. One of the twins flew the plane to the Nevada desert to hide it but the FBI would recover it shortly after. When the brothers were arrested and taken to trial, both were released as witnesses could not identify which twin flew the plane to Nevada. 

4. Ronald and Donald Smith

In July 2008, Genie Coleman met her demise at a train station after which the culprit stole her vehicle. A few days later, it was recovered, and investigators found a cigarette butt that pointed to Donald Smith, a man who previously spent time in prison for pharmaceutical-related crimes. When interrogated, he denied his involvement, stating that it was his twin, Ronald. As confirmation, investigators showed CCTV footage to their relatives who all confirmed that it was him. Days later when Ronald was arrested, he confessed saying it was an accident, but during the trial, he denied the allegations, stating that it was actually Donald. Unfortunately for him, it did not work, and Ronald was sentenced to 25 years in jail. 

5. Daniel and David DeWild

In July 2003, mother of two, Heather DeWild went missing after she went to her estranged husband, Dan DeWild’s home to pick up their children’s insurance cards. Her parents began to worry when she didn’t return home. When they contacted Dan, he said that she’d left the children with him to go shopping, something that her parents knew she would never do. The police were involved and when his twin brother, David, told him not to talk to them, they knew that Heather probably met her demise by foul play. When investigating, they found no fingerprints, no weapon and no blood but six weeks later, she was found on a canyon road by workers. The case grew cold. It wasn’t until 8 years later that both brothers were arrested. David later turned on his brother revealing that they began planning after Heather filed for divorce and that Dan filmed a reenactment of the crime. Dan got 74 years while David was given 12 years for his role. 

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