Celebrities Who Were Sued for Ridiculous Reasons

Being a celebrity has its ups and downs; on one hand, they are loved by the masses and on the other hand, they are also envied by the masses. While some people wish the best for them, some see them as a way to make easy money when unpleasant interactions occur. Here are some of the most ridiculous reasons why some of your favorite celebrities were sued. 

1. Skrillex

In 2014, American DJ Skrillex decided to jump off his DJ table into the crowd after which he was carried back to the stage. In that crowd was Jennifer Fraissl, who claimed that the DJ landed directly on her, causing her to have a stroke. Despite the video clearly showing that there was no contact between the two, the jury didn’t seem to care. Fraissl was given $4.5 million in damages, which was paid by Skrillex, the concert venue and the DJ’s tour company. Despite losing a few millions, Skrillex didn’t seem to mind, stating that his priority is making sure that his fans are safe and having a good time. 

2. Justin Bieber

In 2010 at one of his concerts in Oregon, Justin Bieber climbed into a large heart-shaped gondola and began to sing as he was pulled over the crowd across his sea of fans. Stacey Betts, a stay-at-home mom who attended the concert with her daughter, claimed that Bieber’s decision to go into the gondola caused his fans to scream so loudly that it reached “unsafe levels”. She then said that the screams echoed off the metal gondola causing a “sound blast” that caused permanent damage to her hearing.  Betts, who now claims to be suffering from tinnitus and hearing loss sued for $9 million in damages. The case was dismissed. 

3. Taylor Swift

In 2015, Taylor Swift superfan Russell Greer had an odd way of trying to gain the singer’s attention. First, he wrote a song about her which he sent to her agents in the hopes of them passing it on to her. Copyright restrictions prevented them from sending it to Taylor, which they expressed in their rejection letters, but Geer was determined to get her attention. He began sending mail and gifts to Taylor’s family all the while begging them to send her the song. When that did not work, he sued her for emotional distress and neglect of duty, asking for $7,000. The lawsuit was dismissed, but when he learned that Swift’s family found his attempts to reach her “troubling”, he sued again, this time asking her for $50 million. 

4. Jessica Simpson

Many celebrities are hounded by paparazzi by celebrities and despite being the ones who harass the personalities, paparazzi sue celebrities at an alarming rate. In 2018, Jessica Simpson, while leaving her New York hotel was ambushed by a photographer who ran off after taking a few snaps. A few hours later, the photos were uploaded to a website and Simpson, who saw them, copied one and posted it on her Instagram. The paparazzo and his employers claimed that Simpson stole the photo (of herself) and claimed damages upwards of $20,000. 

5. Snoop Dogg

In 2005, Snoop Dogg superfan Richard Monroe Jr. decided to sneak onstage and run towards the artist to give him a hug. Security guards swooped in from the sides of the stage and tackled Monroe Jr. dragging him backstage. Waking up on the floor to a swollen face, Monroe sued the artist for $22 million in damages. The jury determined that the rapper was not entirely at fault and Monroe Jr. was awarded slightly less than $500,000. Monroe was also happy that he was able to meet Snoop during negotiations.


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