Bizarre Cases of Famous Figures Stealing in Broad Daylight

Contrary to popular belief, stealing isn’t limited to only those down on their luck. Even the rich, who have millions stashed away in the bank, feel compelled to shoplift a couple of unnecessary items every now and then. It’s totally true, and if you don’t believe it, then perhaps you’ll change your mind once you see this list of famous figures who were caught stealing in broad daylight.

1. The King of Egypt Steals a Watch From Winston Churchill

Despite being literal royalty with millions at his disposal, King Farouk of Egypt was quite the cheapskate. Also, because of his immense wealth, he was a bit of a man-child who just had to get whatever he laid his eyes on. And in this case, it was one of Winston Churchill’s pocket watches, a family heirloom, while at a dinner with the British prime minister. Noticing that their valuable timepiece was missing, the Churchill family raised the alarms, only for Farouk to return it sheepishly, claiming that he had found it.

2. The Millionaire’s Daughter Who Stole Make-Up With 320 Dollars in Her Purse

What do you do when your father is a millionaire who was also the former mayor of New York? Buy a private yacht? What about a fancy mansion? Or perhaps several hundred dollars worth of make-up from a high-end store is more your thing. That’s what Caroline Giuliani did in 2010, and once caught, she was dragged to the police station where she got nothing more than a slap on the wrist. And her reason for doing so? Apparently, poor Caroline was mad at her dad and just couldn’t help herself.

3. The Czech Republic President Steals A Pen, On Camera

Back in 2011, when Vaclav Klaus was still the president of Czech Republic, he was attending an important event where he was filmed signing equally important documents on live television. Once everything was taken care of, President Klaus was caught doing something rather unusual—casually slipping the jewel-encrusted ceremonial pen into his pocket. Naturally, people were taken aback by his action, and when questioned, the president nonchalantly responded that “he takes things all the time.”

4. The Celebrity Chef Who Stole Onions, While Buying Champagne

The average chef makes anywhere between $10,000 to $100,000 a year, so imagine what the salary must be like when the majority of your clients are celebrities. Antony *(not a typo) Worral Thompson is one of the most sought out chefs in Britain who owns multiple five-star restaurants, but in 2012, not even he could resist the urge of shoplifting. And no, it wasn’t the expensive champagnes that he serves his customers but instead cheese, onions, coleslaw, among other things. Once the story became public, Thompson broke down and confessed that he cries himself to sleep every night over his bad habit. Or maybe it’s just the chopped onions leaving him all teary-eyed!

5. The Comptroller Who Stole Millions, on Top of an $80,000 Paycheck

For Rita Crundwell, the former Comptroller and Treasurer of Dixon, Illinois from 1983 to 2012, 80,000 wasn’t nearly enough to fund her extravagant lifestyle. This led to her embezzling millions of dollars from hardworking taxpayers, which she stashed away in a secret bank account disguised as a city account called the Reserve Sewer Capital Development Account. When her crimes finally came to light, Rita had no choice but to plead guilty, upon which she was sentenced to 19 years and 7 months, only to be released nine years earlier in 2019.

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