5 Most Heavily Guarded People in The World

Being rich and powerful comes at a cost, and luckily these people have the means to pay it. From world leaders to tech billionaires, certain high-key individuals need just a bit more protection than the average joe. As in, millions of dollars’ worth more. Here are 5 people who made a few enemies on their way to the top and feel the need for some pretty heavy guarding. 

1. Donald Trump

It should come as no surprise that a lot of people want Donald Trump out of the picture. There has been controversy and anger surrounding him his entire presidential term, and it’s not like he didn’t step on some toes before that as well. His security detail is completely over-the-top with his last visit to the UK costing tens of millions. Delivered by Air Force One, upon arrival Trump got around by way of helicopter or limo; when he was using his limo, an entourage of secret service agents accompanied him. The surrounding vehicles held officers trained to deal with anything small-scale chemical warfare to a roadside bomb, or even just a single raving lunatic with a gun. The presidential car itself is bulletproof with a sealed cabin complete with separate air supply – just in case of any chemical, biological, or radiological threats. 

2. Kim Jong-Un

Continuing down the list of world leaders, there is much left to the imagination in the notoriously secretive country of North Korea, including the inner workings of Kim Jong-Un’s security team. What we do know is that tyrant leader Kim Jong-Un has a hyper-elite task force responsible for protecting him at all times. His group of presidential guards have undergone rigorous testing – only the fittest, fastest, and most politically aligned from respective families were allowed to apply for the positions (as long as they weren’t taller than Kim Jong-Un, of course). They’re the only people allowed to carry firearms near him and are part of a larger guard called the Supreme Guard Command comprised of about 100 000 additional soldiers, all on constant vigil for any potential threats to their leaders’ well-being. His food is all tested before consumption, and rumor has it he even has “toilet-guards” so that no suspicious DNA swiping can take place.

3. Mark Zuckerberg

The co-founder and CEO of Facebook and one of the richest men in the world, it’s no wonder Mark Zuckerberg needs to spend millions per year on his safety-detail. After having undergone a few years wrought with high-profile issues regarding user privacy and political debasing on the famous social media website, Zuckerberg’s annual cost of protection shot up from a mere $2.6 million in 2013 to $22.6 million back in 2018. The end of year data for 2019 should be out very soon, but it doesn’t look like it’s getting any more affordable. 

4. Bill Gates

Another huge name in the technology industry, the mega-rich founder of Microsoft takes his security very seriously. After being hit in the face with pie from some practical jokers in 1998, Gates got shook and upped his security detail immensely. He constructed a bulletproof office and instated a policy that requires his employees to undergo security screenings before meeting with him. He also travels with a large entourage of personal guards, and his $150 million-dollar mansion is fitted with pressure-sensitive floors, so he always knows how many people are in the house and their whereabouts. 

5. Prince Harry and Duchess Megan

The fledgling couple is always in the headlines, partially due to how adorable they are, but also Prince Harry has done and said some foolish things in his younger days and Megan used to be a famous actress. They’re rumored to have spent $654 million on security measures for their fortress-style home, affectionately named the Frogmore Cottage. Cameras and sensors line the perimeter, no drones are allowed in the area, and the couple has a team of over 1000 highly trained military members dedicated solely to protecting them. 

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