What Your Nose Type Says About You

The nose is another prominent feature on the face. Many think that the extent to which the nose complements the other features determines how one looks and how attractive one is. As you observe the people with whom we interact, you may have noted that there are different types of noses. Researchers have claimed that the type of nose one has reveals quite a bit about one’s personality. After reading this, you may be inclined to go to the mirror and then do some reflection. Let’s find out what your nose type says about you.

1. Nubian Nose

A Nubian nose is long and somewhat big with a wide base and large nostrils. Popular figures with this sort of nose include Barack Obama and Beyoncé. The Nubian nose is associated with creativity and open mindedness. People with this nose type can approach issues in a variety of ways and have insatiable curiosity. Additionally, they have a lot of charisma and are expressive. They are optimistic individuals and possess great leadership skills. Their ability to think abstractly and seek more knowledge are among their many assets.

2. Greek Nose

A Greek nose is one which is perfectly straight and has a narrow nostril. Many people see this type of nose as appealing and attractive. Individuals who have a Greek nose are said to be highly skilled, intelligent and logical. Their high level of discipline, patience and loyalty also help them in achieving success in life.

3. Hawk Nose

This type of nose, as the name implies, resembles a hawk’s beak. This nose type is easily identified as it is slightly bent at the center and has sharp edges. People who have this nose type are bold and exude confidence. As such, they are unafraid to stand out in a crowd. They are difficult to sway and they don’t base their decisions on other people’s approval. They live life on their own terms.

4. Roman Nose

The Roman nose, also called Aquiline nose, has a prominent bridge that is somewhat curled or bent. It is thought that those with the Roman nose make good leaders. They are headstrong and ambitious. They are known to motivate and inspire others, have excellent organizational skills and are quite driven. They pave their own way as they forge ahead even in the face of adversity. They are skilled at making an impression and are able to persuade others with their words.

5. Celestial Nose 

A button or a celestial nose has a dent in the center of the bridge and a protruding tip. This is said to be the cutest nose type. People with this nose type are strong willed, tenacious and spontaneous. They are never idle and are often engaged in various meaningful activities. People with celestial noses use their time wisely and invest time and effort in activities to ensure that they are successful. They may listen to the advice of everyone but ultimately rely on their instincts and inner voice in making decisions. Loyalty to friends and being supportive is an aim for persons with this nose type.



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