Weird Facts You Didn’t Know About Disney

We are all familiar with the company that was co-founded by Walter “Walt” Disney. It is no secret that Walt Disney has long outlived his expectations and has gone down in history as one of the most recognizable figures. Over the years, we have all come to love everything Disney. While we are all familiar with Disney and know much about it, there are some weird facts that you likely didn’t know. Here are five of them.

1. Rides

Disney is known for its numerous exhilarating rides and attractions at all theme parks. While protocols are enforced to ensure that visitors are safe on the rides, there have been cases where people have lost their lives. There have been twenty-six casualties at Disneyland since it first opened in 1955. Some of these were a direct result of the rides but some were brought on by guests’ adverse reactions. Visitors’ failure to follow instructions and precautions have also led to loss of life.

2. Secret Apartment

Walt had an apartment built in the theme park, which was an hour from where he resided in California, because he wanted to make sure that everything would be as spectacular as possible when Disneyland was being constructed in the early 1950s. At that time, the employees knew when he was in the apartment because he kept a lamp on in the window at night. Over half a century after his passing it is still customary to leave the lamp on at all times. It serves as a visual cue of Walt’s presence in the park. VIP visitors are occasionally allowed access to Walt’s private residence, but it’s rarely open to the general public. No changes were made to the apartment’s design or the possessions kept inside.

3. Facial Hair

Today, men wear their hair long and have facial hair. This is no big deal and is described as attractive. Well, the same couldn’t have been said in the 1960s. At that time, facial hair and long hair were associated with hippies and it was frowned upon. The Disney empire wanted to distance itself from the stigma that came with this trend. As such, a policy was developed which required all male employees at the theme parks to have short hair and be clean shaven. The theme parks didn’t abandon the policy until 2000. Male employees are now permitted to sport properly clipped mustaches.

4. Control of Trademarks

With copyright and trademark registrations in place to safeguard its characters, the Disney Group takes any violation of the Disney trademark seriously. Well, some people who have violated the company’s intellectual property have learnt the hard way. Disney guards its trademarks jealously. Several years ago, Disney pledged to take legal action against three Florida daycare institutions that had five-foot-tall painted images of Disney characters on their walls. In another instance, a Florida couple that advertised Eeyore, Tigger, and Pooh costumes that they had available for parties was sued for a million dollars. 

5. Hidden Ears

Hidden Mickeys can be found all over the Disneyland Resort. Searching for and documenting Hidden Mickey sightings has become an important aspect of the Disney experience for frequent visitors to the California Disney parks. An image of Mickey Mouse, that is, the silhouette with three circles for his ears and head, is called a Hidden Mickey. These are found on rides, plants, rocks and attractions. It sometimes requires someone who has a strong attention to detail to hunt for them. This was all part of Walt’s goal to see the magic of the kingdom everywhere. 

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