Weird Facts About Pain You Need to Know

Pain is not something that people often talk about in a positive way. And why would they? It hurts! But there’s a reason for everything where pain is concerned, even though many of them don’t seem to make sense. That’s why we’re focusing on the weird facts about pain that you may not know. Keep reading if you’re curious to find out what they are. 

1. Profanity is A Painkiller 

Pain, like swearing, has been around for as long as humans were able to communicate with words, and scientists have realized that there must be a reason. So a study was conducted to find the truth. When members said bad words for the first time, it was all related to pain. They eventually found that swearing is an aggressive act that can activate or fight or flight response, allowing greater pain resistance. Think about all the times you stubbed your toe or hit your head. What did you say?

2. The World’s Most Painful Plant

The gympie bush is an Australian rainforest shrub with soft, furry leaves. But it’s not a smart idea to touch them seeing as how the hairs on the leaves are filled with a mysterious poison. Poison that causes excruciating pain. A scientist who touched the bush compared the feeling to being electrocuted and burned by acid, simultaneously. What’s worse is that the hairs can stay under the skin for six months. This means that if the area that touched the plant comes is squeezed or pressed, pain flares up again. 

3. The Painless Marsili Family

The Italian Marsili family does not experience pain like most humans do. They have a gene that carries a mysterious mutation that severely heightens their ability to tolerate pain. If they break or fracture a bone, seconds later they feel fine. But it’s not exactly the best thing in the world. Pain lets you know when something is wrong, and where the ailment might be. Not being able to feel anything may leave you with an injury which could end your life. So you might want to be more thankful for your pain receptors. 

4. LEGO Walking Tops the Pain List

Firstly, LEGO walking is a thing, just like fire walking. These children’s blocks come in various shapes and sizes and are tons of fun to play with. So why is it that walking over them is more painful than walking over fire, ice and glass? Russell Cassevah found himself limping with torn feet after trying to break the Guinness World Record for the longest LEGO walk. This is because the LEGO cannot flatten out like glass can. When it shifts as it’s being walked on, the hard edges cause crazy amounts of pain that can bring any adult down. 

5. Bacteria Can Hijack Our Pain Receptors

There are many types of bacteria that can cause the “flesh-eating disease” – a terrifying, deadly disease known for its high mortality rate. And it’s not exactly painless. It hurts more than we could ever explain. But it’s because this intelligent strain of bacteria hitches a ride on our pain receptors to escape our immune system. It happens early on in the infection stage when the bacteria releases a poison. This poison tricks out neurons into releasing pain, along with a peptide that prevents our immune system from attacking the bacteria, allowing it to thrive. Impressive, yes, but not enough that we wish it on anyone.


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