Ways Smartphones Are Ruining Our Lives

Technological advancements are great and though it’s made our lives so much easier, there seems to be a few drawbacks…or a lot. Like the smartphone, for instance. There are so many features packed into those small devices like calling, texting, flashlights, GPS and so much more. It’s no wonder why they’ve now taken up so much space in our lives, sometimes to the point of obsession – just ask most teenagers and many millennials today. While convenient, they’re slowly ruining everything, and here are five ways:

1. They’re Becoming the Most Expensive Member of Our Household

Phones aren’t free or cheap, that’s for sure. On average, a smartphone in North America will cost you about $567. The latest iPhone model will run you well over $1000. And that’s for the phone alone. Then there’s all the extra stuff: a pretty case to protect it, insurance for if that fails, paid apps that make the phone more useful and lastly our monthly phone bill. Also keep in mind the fact that the prices of phones increase every year at a rate of nearly 12%. Gone are the days of getting a free phone when you signed up for a basic talk and text service existed. 

2. We Can’t Actually Talk to Someone These Days

Social skills are another thing that seems to be disappearing. Many young people, both teenagers and adults alike, seem to be developing depression and loneliness at alarming rates. Many of them crave companionship but can only do so behind a screen. This is because the smartphone has become a sort of middleman in our conversations and many of us don’t put down the phone long for actual face-to-face interactions anymore. 

3. FOMO: Fear of Missing Out

Smartphones give us instant connection with not only social media but events and situations in the world at large. So, when we hear of some new and exciting trend that has everyone talking, we become electrified and want to join in right away. And without giving it much thought, we jump on the bandwagon and recklessly spend our hard-earned money (and time we can never get back) on things that don’t really matter. And not being able to get our hands on these items actually makes some people depressed. 

4. We Don’t Have Time to Get Anything Done Anymore

Our eyes are always peeled to the phone screen waiting for our next dopamine hit in the form of likes, comments and notifications, making us addicted to social media. As a result, our phone takes up the majority of our time as we keep scrolling through our apps and the internet in search of the next fee- good moment. It’s to the point where we hardly ever have time for ourselves or the important people and things in our lives. It’s a very bad cycle, one that’s hard to break but it’s possible.

5. We Really Can Be Afraid of Losing Access to Our Phones

The fear of losing access to our smartphones is a real one and it’s called nomophobia, whether it’s due to dead batteries, loss of signal or losing the phone itself. In fact, 38% of American teenagers said that they didn’t think they could live one day without their smartphone and 71% said the same thing about a week. This is because our phones provide us with access to loved ones and a wide array of information and once this is cut off, many of us feel lost and helpless.


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