Unusually Scary and Unique Flowers

Flowers are the epitome of awe and beauty, a testament of Mother Nature herself. For thousands of years, human beings have always adored these amazing plants, using them to beautify our household or gardens. They’re also the easiest way to show your affection for a special someone. However, there are many flowers that are far from the norm; they don’t always smell pleasant, are funny-looking and… eat insects? With this in mind, why don’t you take a look at five of the most unique and somewhat scary flowers that nature has to offer.

1. Common Sundew (Round-Leaved Sundew)

The common sundew is what you give to someone you don’t like, not your loved ones. Instead of soft and colorful petals, this carnivorous plant has sticky hairs with glands that seem to resemble small fireworks. When exposed to sunlight, the sticky goo gives off a soft glimmer that attracts insects which it feeds on. Common sundew can only be found in the northern region of North America, Korea and Japan, and less commonly California, Alabama and Mississippi, where they grow in bogs, marshes and fens.

2. Snake’s Head Fritillary

This one is pretty much self-explanatory. The snake’s head fritillary is named such thanks to the one-of-a-kind checkered petals that come in shades of purple and sometimes pure white. It’s actually a type of species within the lily family of flowers and can be found in abundance near the flood river plains in Europe. Fun fact: this flower gets its name from the Latin word fritillus, which means dice box, alluding to the amazing patterns on the petals

3. SnapDragon and the Skull

Many people believe that the Snapdragon flower has supernatural powers and that a garden with this flower was cursed by witchcraft. Can you blame them? It looks like the head of a dragon and whenever the flowers are squeezed, it looks as if a fire-breathing dragon is furiously opening and closing its mouth. Then there’s the seedpods that get left behind after the flower dies. And unlike regular seed pods, this one is the stuff of nightmares, because it has three distinct holes that give it the appearance of a ghastly skull.

4. Lithops Werneri

Up next is the South African lithops werneri that possesses the unique ability to camouflage itself as rocks in order to avoid getting noticed by animals and other predators. These flowers may have only one or several bulbous leaves that are translucent on the outside, which makes it easier for light to reach the inside so that photosynthesis can take place. Lithops werneri only live among rocky areas and according to recent reports, they might very well be extinct as none have been spotted in the recent years.

5. Corpse Flower

Unless you’re trying to ward off potential visitors, the corpse flower or stinking flower is something you don’t have anywhere near your home. Its scent is said to smell like literal rotten flesh, hence the name. It doesn’t help that the corpse flower has the largest bloom in the world, so there’s pretty much no escaping that horrid odor. But luckily for our noses, corpse flowers only bloom once every 7 to 9 years, lasting only 24 to 36 hours per bloom. Sadly these flowers are listed as endangered, with only less than 1,000 left in the rainforests of Western Sumatra, Indonesia.

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