Unconventional Non-food Uses for Your Favorite Foods

Food is extremely important, not only does it provide us with sustenance, but it also satisfies our psychological needs. Apart from its nutritional benefits, food also has a wide variety of uses some of which are not known by the general public, from fixing sinks to polishing metal, below are some of the unconventional uses of some of your favorite foods. 

1. Flour – Polish Steel

Flour which can be found in everything from bread and pasta to cakes and biscuits has multiple uses, the most astonishing of which is being used to polish steel kitchenware. There were several steps in the process, the first of which includes washing the steel with soap and water to get it clean. It must be dried off completely before being scrubbed with mounds of flour and a rag. The longer you scrub, the shinier one’s steel would be. Once done, the steel should be wiped with a paper towel or rag before taking a moment to admire your work.  You would know how well you did based on how reflective the steel was. 

2. Milk – Repair China

Fine china, so named for its fragility, is extremely easy to ruin. A simple hairline fracture can cause it to unexpectedly collapse at a later date, but there is a simple fix for that, a milk bath. Milk, which was initially only thought to strengthen bones, can also be used to strengthen broken or cracked china. To use this quick fix, fill a pot with two cups of milk and place the cracked item inside, making sure that the cracked portion is completely submerged in the milk. The pot was then left on low heat for an hour before being allowed to cool. The item should be removed and washed off and the crack would have been repaired. 

3. Moonshine – Backup Gasoline

Moonshine shares many properties with gasoline and that is one of the reasons why many people choose not to drink it. According to the federal mandate, gasoline has to contain at least 10% ethanol and some people have found that moonshine works just as well as gasoline. Some people have even made the switch to moonshine, thereby saving themselves quite a bit of money on gasoline. There was one issue; it’s not a long-term option for vehicles that were built before 2000 and the moonshine needs to be at least 150-proof. 

4. Lemon – Insect Repellent

Lemons have been known to have a multitude of uses in addition to making lemonade. Not only is lemon used to remove plaque from teeth and dishes, but it is also used to flavor foods. Another not so well-known use is that lemons can be used as bug repellent. Everything from cockroaches and spiders to ants are overwhelmed by the lemon’s strong smell which is due to the fruit’s citric acid. These insects tend to stay away from anything that smells of lemon.

5. Ramen – Fix A Broken Sink 

Sinks, especially those made of porcelain, chip off all of the time and it can be very costly to have it repaired. Instead of spending big bucks to have it fixed, follow what Xiubandrng did. In 2019, a Chinese man uploaded a video where he used instant noodles (Ramen) to fix the sink. He filled the hole with the dry block of noodles then poured water and the seasoning packet to soften the noodles and pack them in place. He allowed it to dry then sanded it into shape before painting it white. The ramen blended so well with the sink that it was impossible to tell the difference. The only thing that had us scratching our heads was why he used the seasoning packet.

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