Unbelievable Things That Happen 30,000 Feet In The Air

Going on a vacation is always fun but to get there, you must first endure the flight which may be quite long and boring in some cases. As you board the plane to get to your destination, you look forward to a pleasant and safe flight. The reality is that this hope is sometimes shattered as passengers have experienced turbulent situations while on a flight. Being in a confined space does not always turn out to be the best for some as there are many unbelievable things that occur when on a flight. Some of these may be shocking. 

1. Using Cabin Toilets

Within the first few minutes of a seven hour flight on British Airways from Heathrow to Dubai, a passenger used the airplane toilet to relieve himself. Soon, the pilot informed the senior cabin crew that the odor had made its way through the air system and to the front of the plane. Concerned about the health and safety of the passengers and crew, the decision was taken to return to Heathrow airport. This proved that while defecation is a natural process, the scent of some is more potent than others. 

2. Snakes On The Plane

Many of you may have seen the film “Snakes on the Plane” but thought that this fictional story line wouldn’t occur in your lifetime. Nevertheless, on your subsequent flight, you just may have looked around suspiciously. But what if you did see a snake on the plane while thousands of feet high in the air. This was the reality of passengers on a Mexican flight in 2016 who came face to face with a green snake slithering from the back of the overhead luggage compartment. The fright felt and expressed by passengers is an understatement. The pilot proceeded to make an emergency landing.

3. Parenting

We have all been in a supermarket with a crying child or one who displays undesirable behaviors. You simply walk away and move to another aisle. But imagine being faced with this situation while on an eight hour flight with nowhere to go. A toddler, accompanied by his mother, continued screaming, running up and down the aisle, climbing on the seats and grabbing the air vents in the ceiling. His mother very quietly and casually asked him to sit and be quiet but he simply disregarded her. Passengers described it as the “flight from hell.”

4. Tragedy

On a United Airlines flight, a passenger holding a French bulldog puppy in a carrying kennel was faced with a situation that ended in tragedy. The passenger had all the required documentation that permits travelers to have their pets with them in the cabin but the flight employee insisted that the puppy be placed in the overhead baggage compartment. The passenger complied and at the end of the three hour flight, the passenger found her puppy dead in the overhead bin. This brought much distress to the lady who collapsed. 

5. Raging Hormones

Passengers are free to watch movies during a flight. In this case, the passenger took this to a whole new level, when he pulled out his laptop and began watching pornography. To make matters worse, the 20 year old stripped naked. An employee asked him to get clothed which he did, but then he later attempted to hug and grope the stewardess. When his advances were rejected, he attacked her. He was subdued and detained until the end of the flight when the pervert was taken into police custody.

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