The Worst Things About Going to Theme Parks This Summer

As the summer approaches, crests and eventually ends, families seek to plan fun activities that they can enjoy together. Theme parks are often a staple on the calendar of activities of many. They offer customers water parks, rides, games, cold beverages and tasty foods. In spite of the fun that is almost guaranteed at theme parks, it can also get a bit frustrating. Here are five of the worst things that one has to endure at theme parks.

1. Long Queues

Theme parks are crowded every day, all day. As such, long queues are almost unavoidable. Depending on the popularity of the theme park, entry can take quite some time. There are usually more people than available rides so everyone just has to wait. While in line, customers are subjected to pushing and shoving. They have to stand in the blistering hot sun at ticket booths, rides and restaurants. Parks such as Disney World are now investing quite a bit to ensure that the wait is more comfortable and less boring. Customers can now wait in an air conditioned tent where the children can play while parents wait to be paged when it’s time for the ride.

2. High Prices 

Theme parks aren’t free. In recent years, there have been increases in the pricing at theme parks. Ticket sales to enter parks vary in prices. Customers often want to have the total park experience. This means they have to spend more money to enjoy the various shows, attractions, rides, restaurants and food vendors. The sale of extra services and features increase the park’s revenue. Customers have the choice to pay for premium services which may include royalty programs, season passes and fast passes for the rides. One thing is for sure, theme parks don’t operate at a loss.

3. Accidents

Over the years, there have been several reports of accidents on theme park rides. Rides such as water slides and roller coasters cause thousands of injuries every year. These incidents may be caused by mechanical failure, improper operation, passenger misuse or just the nature of the ride. While there are usually government regulations of park rides, which must be adhered to, accidents do happen. Accidents on park rides have led to lawsuits, with victims looking for compensation.

4. Closed Rides

Oh what a disappointment when you’re looking forward to the thrill of your favorite park ride only to get there and be told that it’s closed. Occasionally, theme parks have no choice but to close rides temporarily in order to carry out necessary maintenance. Health and safety of patrons and staff are important thus, machinery must be serviced. Some theme parks try to arrange park refurbishment, rehab and ride closure schedules and try not to have too many rides closed at any one time. These schedules are sometimes placed on their websites and social media pages.

5. Rude Workers and Visitors 

Both employees and visitors are said to be rude. Some theme parks such as Disney have policies regarding employees’ language around visitors and have developed secret codes that staff can use to describe rude and annoying visitors. For instance, visitors who are rude and disruptive are referred to as “treasured guests”. Interacting with so many people on a daily basis can be extremely stressful. Some may be impolite, demanding and disrespectful. Employees as such, need to be equipped with key interpersonal skills. However, there have been several reports of employees also being rude to visitors. Altercations between theme park workers and visitors have been caught on video.

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