The World’s Most Elite Special Forces

Special Forces are elite military units with specialized skill sets. Each has a specific objective to deal with a particular security threat. They are specially trained using unconventional techniques and take part in a variety of tasks including hostage rescue and humanitarian assistance as well as combat and terrorist operations. These units are prepared for and sent into the toughest situations. Here are five of these elite Special Forces.

1. British Special Air Service (SAS) 

The Special Air Service is the most renowned special forces unit in the British army. It is the oldest modern special operations unit in existence and falls within the United Kingdom Special Forces. Their motto is “Who Dares Wins.” SAS was founded in 1941 during World War II and since then, has carried out numerous operations. The regiment has a number of responsibilities which include counter-terrorism, hostage rescue, covert surveillance, intelligence gathering and training foreign militaries. Only the best of the best get recruited in the SAS who are trained in a multitude of different skills. The SAS has within it, its own special units such as the Counter-Revolutionary Warfare Wing, the Revolution Warfare Wing and the Operations Research Wing.

2. United States Navy Sea Air and Land (SEALs)

The U.S. Navy’s main special operations forces and a part of Naval Special Warfare Command are the Sea, Air and Land Teams also known as the Navy SEALs. Conducting small unit special operations missions in maritime, jungle, arctic, urban, mountainous and desert environments is one of the SEALs primary responsibilities. Normally, SEALs are sent beyond enemy lines to acquire intelligence or capture and destroy high-level targets. The SEALs were established in 1962 and continue to serve today. They are trained in a variety of geographical and climatic conditions and use advanced technology in their combat, making them quite efficient.

3. Indian Marine Commandos (MARCOS)

The Marine Commandos, also known as MARCOS or the Marine Commando Force (MCF), are the Indian Navy’s Special Missions Forces. MARCOS was established in February 1987. They are capable of operating in a variety of settings including on land, at sea and in air. Over the years, this force has gained much experience and is now recognized internationally for their professionalism. MARCOS is tasked with the responsibility of carrying out operations at a tactical and strategic level. They usually support naval forces in their operations but also engage in special surveillance, clandestine operations, hostage rescue operations, foreign internal defense, direct action and supporting amphibious operations.

4. Pakistan Special Services Group (SSG)

The Pakistan Army’s special forces unit is known as the Special Service Group or SSG. They have a nickname “Maroon Berets”. The SSG was established on 23 March, 1956 and is deployed to execute five missions which include foreign internal defense, reconnaissance, direct action, counterterrorism operations and unconventional warfare. The SSG is divided into eight battle lines each with 700 men, with four companies which are further split into platoons and ten-man teams. Men are a force to be wrecked with.

5. Israel Shayetet 13

Shayetet 13 is a special force unit of the Israel Navy and one of the primary reconnaissance units of the Israel Defense Forces. It is a marine commando unit that operates on the sea, in the air and on land in several special and daring activities. The unit is known for participating in almost all of the major wars in Israel. Shayetet 13 is one of the most secretive units in the Israeli military, thus, the specifics of several missions are highly classified.

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