The Weirdest Laws and The Reasons They Were Passed

Many countries around the world have weird laws. Some were passed hundreds of years ago for practical reasons but have now been long forgotten and never repealed. Some are so outdated that it’s highly unlikely that they’re actually enforced. But if you want to keep on being a law-abiding citizen, take a look at these five weird laws and the weirder reasons they were passed

1. You Can’t Enter Parliament with Weapons or Full Armor

On October 30, 1313, King Edward II of England made the decision to pass a law known as the “Statutum de Defensione Portandi Armi” which forbade MPs from entering Parliament with weapons or wearing a full body suit. This was done after certain individuals interrupted and disorganized numerous meetings he had with parliament members. This law is still in effect today—instead of armor, it’s now bulletproof vests and weapons of any kind. Also, the coat hangers in Parliament are modified to store the swords of MPs who carry them for some reason.

2. It’s Illegal to Die Within Town Limits

In many towns in Spain, Italy, France and Norway no one is allowed to die within town limits due to the cemeteries being filled to capacity. Lanjaron, Spain demands that residents start taking better care of their health. The mayor of Falciano dal Massico, Italy said that people are only allowed to die after a new cemetery is built. Italy. In Bordeaux, France, only people with burial plots are allowed to die. As for Norway, they’ve banned people in Longyearbyen from dying since 1950 because the dead froze over instead of decaying. So old and sick people are transported to an island to die peacefully.

3. Moose Can’t Enter a Saloon Via the Sidewalk

In Fairbanks, Alaska, you better not think of getting into a tavern with your pet moose. That’s because a man from the early 20th century insisted on getting his pet moose drunk right alongside himself. The poor moose couldn’t handle the alcohol and often went on a rampage, destroying everything in sight. So city officials, fed up with all the chaos, passed a law that banned moose from walking on public sidewalks so the man couldn’t bring it to the saloon anymore. It would’ve been a better idea to outlaw getting moose drunk, don’t you think?

4. You Can’t Wear a Top Hat in Public

Imagine being arrested and tried just because you were trying to look good. On January 16, 1797, a man named John Hetherington strolled down the streets of England wearing a tall, strange hat. It frightened children, had women fainting, dogs were filled with rage and everyone was scared for their dear lives. Hetherington was detained for disturbing the King’s “peace” and was fined either £50 or £500. Adamant that he didn’t break the law, the government created one to ensure that no one walked around wearing that hideous hat!

5. You Can’t Use Cell Phones in Banks

The governments of Argentina, Rio de Janeiro and the Philippines created a law that banned using your cell phone at banks as a way to combat the frequent bank robberies. Criminals would source potential victims by scanning the room while withdrawing money, then alerting the other gang members of the target just who just left the bank. Since enforcing this law, bank robberies dropped by 20% in Argentina and 23% in Rio de Janeiro.


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