The Ways Our Era is Bad for Humanity

Despite having instant access to vast knowledge and amazing technological advances, humanity is actually on a steep decline that is only going to get worse over time. In fact it’s exactly the above-mentioned that’s going to lead to our potential downfall and, to no one’s surprise, most people are blissfully unaware of this grim fact. For all its benefits, the current modern age is actually bad for humanity as you will see in this list below.

1. Vitamin-D Deficiency 

We all know that our body needs sunlight to produce Vitamin-D, a much needed nutrient that contributes to bone growth and density, among other things. Unfortunately in our modern society, more and more people are spending an increasing amount of time indoors throughout the day due to their jobs or school, unlike our ancestors who were frequently outside working. Nowadays, we’re hardly ever outside: we wake up at the crack of dawn, drive for hours to work, spend a couple more hours at a desk, then come home late in the afternoon.

2. Sedentary Lifestyles 

Humanity has evolved over the years to be robust and extremely active so that they could survive and thrive in the wild. But now we seem to be devolving; more and more people are living sedentary lifestyles where they spend the majority of their day slumped in a chair or lying down with a phone over their face. Combine that with overly-processed food and poor eating habits, it’s no wonder why the majority of the population are massively overweight. Let’s just hope that we never have to deal with a zombie apocalypse.

3. Our Current Era of Mass Information 

Even though we are now technologically advanced more than ever, there is always the possibility of yet another dark age period in the future. This is because the majority of our knowledge is purely digital and stored on some electronic device that we won’t be able to access in the event of a global disaster such as a solar flare. And the few paper records we do have could easily be destroyed by our ever-changing adverse climate conditions. 

4. Our Obsession With Taking Selfies Causes More Deaths A Year Than Shark Attacks

At first glance, taking a selfie may seem pretty harmless but unbeknownst to many, it can and has led to numerous deaths as people continue to put themselves in perilous situations. In recent years, there have been countless stories of someone, usually between the ages of 10 and 40, attempting to take a cool picture at the top of a high-rise building or near dangerous animals, only for them to meet their demise. On average 16 people die from shark attacks every year. Now compare that to the 24.42 deaths by selfies.

5. The Internet Has Allowed for Echo Chambers of Radical and Abhorrent Ideas

Thanks to the internet, communication has never more been instantaneous. The downside is that you’re now exposed to millions of strangers’ most deranged and ignorant inner thoughts that they would otherwise keep to themselves. And then they meet up with similar-minded people who only act as echo chambers for their extremist rhetoric. Furthermore, well-meaning but naive people believe anything they read on the internet and fail to use discernment and do their own research.

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