The True Cases of Instant Karma That Served Justice

What goes, up must come down… or so the saying goes. Karma is the belief that a person’s actions, positive or negative will add up and come back to them in the future. Even science acknowledges that every action has an equal but opposite reaction. And sometimes, it’s like a deity or the universe itself, wastes no time serving that sweet and satisfying justice to those who deserve it. Below are five instances of people who got slapped in the face with instant karma they never saw coming.

1. Hear Me Roar

While on a late-night date in 2005, a South African couple was held and robbed blind of all their belongings. The perpetrator was quickly spotted by security guards and soon, it was a classic scene of cops and robbers. The thief sped off throughout the city and, in his haste, climbed over a fence which happened to be a tiger’s den at the Bloemfontein Zoo. Needless to say things did not end well and he was discovered by a visitor, surprisingly still intact despite the tiger’s fatal attack. Guess the tiger was already full when he snuck in.

2. Late-Night Snack

After leaving Denny’s following a midnight snack, a group of friends found themselves face-to-face with a robber who brandished a weapon at them while stealing everything they owned. In the security camera footage, one of the female friends was seen dashing to the restaurant while she calling 911. Another friend managed to scare the thief and run him over with the car. The impact caused the thief to accidentally fire his weapon at himself. Luckily, he survived and was taken to the hospital before being charged.

3. Sober Up, Buddy

In March 2018, a tipsy driver got a taste of what it would be like if he accidentally ran someone over while being so irresponsible. When the police turned on their sirens and lights, the panicked driver came up with the genius idea to slow down the car and jump out of the seat to make his great escape. But the universe had other plans. Instead, he ran in front of his own car which ended up pinning him down. To make things more embarrassing, the entire situation was caught on the cop’s dash cam.

4. A Punishment That Fits the Crime

In 2017, a Chicago hot dog vendor became the poor victim of 19-year-old Terrion Pouncy attempt at a robbery. Pouncy flashed his weapon at the unsuspecting vendor, who, while trying to reach for his wallet, immediately let go of a pan full of hot, boiling grease which spilled all over the robber. At this point, Pouncy should have just turned around and left but he didn’t. While trying to pick up the money, he managed to accidentally shoot himself in the family jewels. He survived the ordeal though, and was dealt with a second wave of karma as he awaited trial for multiple counts of armed robbery.

5. Caught Red-Handed

While on the job at a local Costco in Seattle, Washington, a security guard spotted a man who he recognized as a previous shoplifter. He was with a female accomplice who helped him steal nearly $2,000 worth of laptops and vacuum cleaners. The security guard wasted no time calling the police who were pretty much waiting for the couple outside. As soon as they exited, the 30-year-old man and the 21-year-old woman were greeted by the police who blocked the door with their cars. Shocked, the thieves simply dropped the items and didn’t even bother escaping.

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