The Strange Ways the Moon Affects Animal Life on Earth

Throughout history, science has proven that the moon, as far away as it is, has effects on many things on Earth, the most well-known being tides, the length of a day and time. It was also proven, although not fully understood, that the lunar cycle alters people’s behavior in some truly bizarre ways. And it’s not just us, other animals are also affected by this satellite. Here’s a list of strange ways the moon affects our life, here on Earth. 

1. Our Sleep Cycle Changes

There are many things that affect a person’s sleep, like food, medication and even a person’s bedtime routine, and while we all go through fits of bad sleep, did you know that the moon can also alter your sleep? According to a researcher from Switzerland’s University of Basel, there’s some scientific evidence that the moon affects our sleeping patterns. Based on his research, it took people five minutes longer to go to sleep during a full moon and their sleep decreased by 20 minutes. It was also noted that lower levels of melatonin were seen during full moons. 

2. Crisis Calls Increase 

With the current state of the world, that’s enough cause for people to feel stressed or depressed. Another thing that could be adding to your anxiety is the phase of the moon. According to a study done on crisis center call records, there is a distinct rise in the number of calls made during new moons. This suggests that the moon could be doing something to increase people’s stress levels. Another odd finding was that the calls that increased were from women. Men actually called less during new moons. 

3. Lions’ Hunting Patterns Change

Lions can be extremely aggressive animals and it is advised that you stay away from them, especially when they’re hunting. There’s also another time when you should stay away from these creatures and that’s around full moons. According to a study published in PloS ONE, African lions become much more aggressive in the days following full moons and are thus more likely to attack humans. This is most likely due to the fact that the full moon allows prey to sense danger faster making food scarce. In the days following, they become more aggressive to compensate for the lack of food. 

4. Animals are More Likely to Bite

Because we co-exist with a variety of animals, we often become casualties and that includes everything from animal bites to stings. While most times these injuries resolve on their own, others can lead to some very serious problems. So, what’s the reason for the increased biting? Well according to one study, animal bites were much higher on full moon days, and it’s not fully understood why. What they did note was that bites increased in a wide variety of animals making it non species specific.

5. Cats and Dogs are More Prone to Injuries

As mentioned earlier, the moon has a significant effect on animals’ behavior. It was also noted that some animals were more prone to injury around a full moon. According to the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, one study found that there was an increase in the number of emergency room visits for cats and dogs, specifically around a full moon. Although many vets suspected that this happened, they still have no proof as to why it happens.



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