The Science Behind the Crazy Things Your Body Experiences

The human body is one of the great wonders. It is fascinating to observe how delicate yet powerful, simple yet incredibly complex the human body is. Some of our bodily processes take place without us even recognizing it. The body experiences several things that may seem weird but can be scientifically explained. Here are five things that happen in our bodies and what science has to say about it.

1. I’m Hungry 

The sound and feel of rumbling in our stomachs is an indication that we are hungry which results from a chemical reaction in the body. Hunger pangs sometimes happen at specific times during the day. This is because the hormones are driven by the body’s clock. Hormones are released and this message is sent to the hypothalamus. When the blood lacks nutrients such as glucose, proteins and fatty acids, hormones are released and this message is sent to the hypothalamus. The hormone causes some neurons in the hypothalamus to produce proteins that make us feel hungry. Hunger is controlled by the hunger center in the brain.

2. I’m Tired

Have you gone on a long road trip and been extremely tired afterwards? What’s the difference between sitting for a long lecture and sitting for a long period in a moving vehicle? The extreme exhaustion during long rides is a result of travel fatigue. To ensure that posture is maintained and to account for slight vehicle changes, the brain keeps the muscles active. Travel patterns such as accelerating, causes the body to move back-and-forth and traveling on winding roads or rough rides on old vehicles or roads make the body sway and bob. These little motions, bumps and jerks take a toll on the body.

3. I’m Congested

We’ve all had the cold and been congested. Have you ever realized that most times, one nostril feels more clogs than the other? Well there is a scientific explanation for this. This weird happening is because of the nasal cycle where the nostrils alternately take in more air. There’s more blood flow to one nostril which causes the turbinate in the nostril on that side to swell. When suffering from a cold, blood flow to the nose increases even more, causing more swelling and more mucus production. One feels congestion more strongly in the nostril where the turbinate is already swollen from the normal nasal cycle.

4. I Woke Up Before The Alarm

Anyone who has used an alarm clock can identify with the strangest happening of waking up before the alarm clock goes off. This has to do with the body’s internal clock which is referred to as circadian rhythm. Sleep-wake cycle is one of the most well known circadian rhythms. The body has a routine which it maintains. After some time, the body predicts when it should wake up. You therefore wake up just before the alarm. Your body knows how long it should be asleep.

5. My Tattoos Last Forever

Many people have tattoos. Once the ink is placed under the skin, it stays there. This is a result of the immune system and macrophages. When the tattoos are placed in the dermis, the immune system gets into action. Macrophages, immune system cells, eat the ink. They pass it on to the macrophages that replace them when they die. So the cells of the skin are not stained contrary to popular belief. Rather, the ink passes from one generation of macrophages to another.



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