The Ridiculous Celebrity Items People Have Spent Money On

Whether they’re devoted fans or just like to own a piece of history, people are willing to pay a pretty penny to own things that once belonged to or were in the presence of their favorite celebrities. For years we’ve heard of people buying clothing or jewelry worn by Hollywood’s elite, but the things that people are willing to pay for have taken a bizarre turn. From chewing gum to toilets and French toast, here’s a list of strange celebrity items that people have entered bidding wars for. 

1. John Lennon’s Toilet 

John Lennon was one of the greatest musicians of our time both as a member of The Beatles and as a solo singer. During Beatlemania and even after his death, people scoured the internet in search of items owned by the singer, in the hopes of having a piece of him with them. In 2010, one of Lennon’s builders put up the musician’s old toilet for auction, raking in almost $12,000 for the used john. It was 10 times the amount the owner was hoping to get. The toilet was given to him after he’d installed a new one in John and Yoko’s Tittenhurst Park home in 1972.  

2. Elvis Presley’s Hair

Toilets are one thing but when it comes to body parts, people are willing to pay top dollar. Elvis, who was known for his ducktail and quaff, frequented barber Homer Gilleland, who he might not have known was collecting pieces of The King’s hair. In 2002, decades after his death, the retired barber put up the clippings, an attached letter, and the verification from a Presley expert up for auction in Illinois. It didn’t take long for a bidding war to begin, and it was eventually sold for $115,120 to a private bidder. It was the most money ever paid for hair at an auction. 

3. William Shatner’s Kidney Stone

Star Trek fans are some of the most loyal there are and when the opportunity arose to own a piece of William Shatner, many people jumped at the chance. In an attempt to help raise funds for a homeless charity, Shatner put a large kidney stone and the piece of equipment used to remove it, up for sale. Trekkers around the world bid on the stone, but it somehow landed in the hands of a non-Star Trek fan for the reasonable price of $25,000.  The owner displays the stone on his website, right next to a cheese sandwich with the Virgin Mary’s face on it. 

4. Britney Spears’ Pregnancy Test

Belongings of Britney Spears have been popping up on the internet for years, but none were more disturbing than her 2005 pregnancy test. Found in the wastebasket of a hotel room that she and then-husband Kevin Federline stayed at, the pregnancy test was first sold to the Canadian radio station Hot 89.9. It was then sold to an online casino for $5,001. Although it was a serious invasion of privacy, proceeds from the sale went to two charities. Just a few years prior, her used piece of chewing gum was sold for $14,000. 

5. Kanye West’s Air

Kanye West can sell anything, well except a presidential speech, but his name always seems to be followed by dollar signs. In 2015, concertgoers began posting “Kanye air” on eBay with bidding prices starting at $5,000. The sellers claimed to be so close to the front that they could feel and capture Kanye’s breath in Zip-Loc bags. Over a dozen bags were posted for auction and some fans were willing to spend $60,000 for a bag. eBay was made aware of the situation and pulled the plug as they could not prove that air from the singer was in the bags.

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