The Most Insane Scents You Can Buy Today

Many people love to smell good wherever they go and perfumes are created for just that. Vanilla, wild orchid and cherry blossom are some of the more common scents out there. But unbeknownst to many, there are truly strange perfumes available for purchase that will blow your mind. Below are five of the most insane but intriguing perfume scents you can buy today.

1. Sushi

Do you love sushi a little too much? Then you can go ahead and buy a bottle of Demeter Frangrance’s Sushi cologne that smells exactly like you’ve been living in a sushi restaurant for most of your life. You can make out the smell of all the ingredients; the rice, seaweed, vinegar and even the fish – it’s all in there. There are also hints of ginger and lemon as well. No need to worry about the fishy smell because it’s hardly the main star of the show, thankfully because all the ingredients work together seamlessly. Who though, in their right mind, would want to smell like sushi?

2. Titan Arum

Don’t worry, there are no particularly questionable juices or body parts in this bizarre perfume; all the smells were created from a flower. The world’s smelliest flower to be exact. The titan arum smells like a corpse or as some would say, a lethal combination of dead rats, rotting fish and spoiled cheese. The Eden Project of the U.K. was the brains behind the Eau de Titan and made it specifically for men who wanted to take their scent in a “bold and completely new direction.” The only thing bold about the fragrance is their decision to actually make this perfume!

3. Rain

Are you a fan of the fresh and relaxing smell after a heavy rain shower? It’s called “petrichor” and it’s what happens when chemicals are released from the soil when heavy raindrops hit the ground. Now, you won’t have to wait until it starts pouring down again to get a whiff of that pleasant smell. Demeter Fragrance, the same company behind the sushi perfume, has you covered with their Thunderstorm perfume. It smells great, but the only drawback is that the scent doesn’t stick well to the body. Maybe that’s something you’re willing to overlook for the smell.

4. The Recently Deceased

It’s easy to get this one mixed up with the Eau de Titan perfume, but it’s definitely not the same. While the former perfume is made from the juices of a really stinky flower, this one has the scent of the recently deceased. It’s called Eau de Death and the scent is actually pretty tame compared to the others on this list. French perfumer, Katia Apalategui, recreated the scent by extracting the molecules from the clothes of one who has passed away, then mimicking the chemical composition of those molecules. But it’s pretty pricey, with a single bottle costing $600.

5. Books

It seems there’s a perfume for just about everything, and the nostalgic smell of old and even freshly printed books is one of them. Many avid readers find the smell of old books oddly satisfying and this is because of a compound called “lignin” found in the wood pulp that is used to make paper. So instead of cracking open a book to be hit with the smell and feeling, there are a couple of options to choose from. For instance, there’s the Dead Writers perfume by Sweet Tea Apothecaries and for living writers, Paper Passions by Christopher Brosius would do just fine. 

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