The Most Dangerous Movie Scenes Ever Filmed

The movie industry can be quite dangerous particularly when filming movies with exciting action scenes involving combat, automotive racing and chasing or those filmed in scenes with treacherous terrains. Actors often take risks for the success of their movies. Behind those spectacular scenes which viewers appreciate are sweat, tears, and injuries. Actors go all out to perform each scene and sometimes things go terribly wrong. Here are some dangerous movie scenes that have been filmed.

1. Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter is known for its horror, fast paced, action packed scenes with heavy artillery, blasts, machinery and incredible stunts. While going at 115 kilometers per hour during a motorcycle stunt, veteran stunt performer Oliver Jackson was struck by a crane-mounting camera vehicle. She suffered severe facial injuries, many fractures, brain swelling and damage to her arm. Her arm was amputated, and although she sustained her injuries, her life will forever be changed. She was lucky because one crew member didn’t survive this unfortunate accident.   

2. Rocky IV

The Rocky movies are synonymous with boxing and Sylvester Stallone. In one of the boxing scenes in Rocky IV, Sylvester Stallone gave Dolph Lundgren an unusual instruction not to withdraw his punches. Lundgren did just as he was told and this landed Stallone in the intensive care unit at the hospital for several days. Those punches left Stallone with a compressed spine. Lundgren didn’t realize the seriousness of the injuries not until filming was suspended for two weeks.

3. Mission Impossible- Fallout

Fans of Tom Cruise know that he enjoys doing his own stunts. He decided to do all his stunts while filming Mission Impossible- Fallout, even the life-defying ones. In one of the action scenes Cruise had to hit the side of a wall and pull himself over in pursuit of Henry. Well that stunt went wrong when his foot hit the wall which resulted in him sustaining a shattered ankle. He actually got up and continued with the take. Filming was postponed until Cruise made a full recovery.

4. Deep Blue Sea

Deep Blue Sea was well liked by fans and described as a package of terror, sharks and special effects. One of the scenes remains etched in the minds of the cast who came close to actually losing their lives. There were no special effects there. During a storm scene, four of the main characters were attempting to run into the base and were expecting artificial waves to crash before and behind them. Instead, thousands of pounds of water were accidentally released at the wrong time, striking the actors who were without any protective gear. The actors almost got booted off the platform with no lifeline. What was surprising was that this scene which was caught on tape was actually used in the movie.

5. Whiplash

The 2015 movie, Whiplash, turned out to be an award winning film. It is centered on Andrew Neiman played by Miles Teller, who is a talented jazz drummer and the instructor, Terrence Fletcher played by J.K Simmons. The teacher pushes the artist to the brink of his ability and sanity. In one scene, Andrew snaps and tackles Fletcher. Fletcher, who wasn’t anticipating such a response and wasn’t wearing any padding to cushion the blow felt the full impact of Andrew’s fury. The blow was so hard that Simmons sustained two broken ribs. Simmons remained in character and continued with the scene. Surely the performance was authentic.

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