The Most Common Excuses We Used for Not Doing Homework

Homework is one aspect of schooling that many students don’t look forward to. On average, most students wish that teachers would cease giving homework, especially after spending several hours working in the classroom. Regardless of how students feel about homework, it is most likely here to stay. Students often come up with creative excuses for not doing homework. More often than not, the teacher would be unimpressed as she expects the unexpected or has heard those “lame” excuses one time too many. Let’s look at five of the most common excuses given.

1. Family Pet Ate It

One of the most classic excuses that has been overused is that the dog, cat, bunny or any other family pet ate the homework. The animals continue to be blamed. While it is possible that this can actually happen to the homework, I’m sure we’ve all had a playful pet. If the dog can chew on and destroy your favorite pair of shoes which you left at the door, then isn’t it possible that the dog chewed the homework book that was left on the table? It isn’t so far-fetched but sadly the teacher most likely won’t fall for it.

2. I Didn’t Understand the Homework 

Wouldn’t it be unreasonable for a student to be expected to complete homework that he or she did not understand? Well this makes the “I did not understand” excuse a little more believable but it has been overused and experienced teachers see right through the students. The students also add, “Could you please explain it to me?” By so doing, it is their hope that they might get some extra time as well as help with the task. However, teachers often have a comeback and inquire from the students if they asked their teammates to explain.

3. I Was Absent

Another excuse used is that “I was absent when the homework was assigned and I had no idea.” When this is said, the teacher’s next step is to check the attendance register. Even seeing the student was present, a clever student can seek to convince the teacher that he or she was in the washroom at the time. For a student who rarely steps out, this excuse won’t cut it.

4. I Was So Sick

This excuse often works for not turning in an assignment. It garners a bit of sympathy followed by an extension. After all, the teacher is aware that illness can strike at any time. Students often claim they suffered from a stomach bug, food poisoning, headache or were feeling feverish. This may not work in the students’ favor given our current climate where schools are enforcing Covid protocols. Such an excuse may mean the student has to get tested and be placed in quarantine. Ooops!

5. My Computer Crashed

Today, many students are given assignments which require the use of a computer or another suitable device. After all, encyclopedias are a thing of the past and we rely on technology more and more to carry out the research or complete online activities via web-based platforms. A related excuse could be that a younger sibling or pet broke the laptop. A student who offers this excuse won’t get out of doing homework entirely as the teacher may just make an arrangement for it to be done at the school using one of the devices there.

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