The Most Bizarre Pageants Across the World

Pageantry has become ingrained in modern culture and is now ubiquitous. The world of pageantry has evolved and has gotten quite creative over the years. Beauty pageants such as Miss Universe, Miss World and Miss USA will forever be a staple; however, pageantry has been spiced up a little. Not everyone can be a top model with the perfect body and brains. People now have several types of pageants in which they can participate. Here are five bizarre pageant ideas from all across the world. 

1. Miss Plastic Surgery

In 2004, China held its first Miss Plastic Surgery pageant. This pageant featured women and transsexuals from seventeen to sixty-two years of age competing for the title of “best artificial body.” Twenty contestants made the final round. Participants were required to show proof from a certified doctor that they had gone under the knife to improve their appearance. Feng Qian was crowned the winner thanks to her four surgical enhancements. She had a fold added to eyelids, waist liposuction, her cheeks were reshaped and she had Botox injected to alter her facial features. Other than the runners up, titles such as Miss Biggest Change were awarded.   

2. Alternative Miss Ireland

For eighteen years, men, women or animals participated in the Alternative Miss Ireland. In this pageant the contestants displayed their alter egos on stage with the use of any prop they desired. There were various segments such as swimwear and evening wear although these did get a little outrageous. The judges paid attention to the confidence, personality and poise but there was always an element of surprise. In 2009, the contestants turned into green monsters and lay down on a bed of nails for instance. They were nothing like the usual. Proceeds from this venture went to assisting HIV/AIDS charities in Ireland. Over 300,000 Euros were raised for HIV and AIDS awareness in Ireland.

3. Miss Pregnant

Young ladies who have borne a child or are expecting are not typically allowed to participate in pageants such as Miss Universe. In fact, some beauty queens have been dethroned for being with child. Take for instance Joyce Prado, Miss Bolivia Universe 2018, who lost her crown with immediate effect after what should have been great news became known. Well, dozens   of mothers-to-be participate in beauty pageants in Peru, Russia and the U.S. They strut on the runway, proud of their bumps and showcase their talents. They’re absolutely gorgeous and confidently show off their pregnancy glow.

4. Miss Prisoner

Miss Prisoner pageant is encouraged at some prisons. The female inmates become contestants vying for the crown. These pageants have been held in prisons in Columbia, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Nairobi and Lithuania. The goal is to increase the convicts’ self-assurance and motivation for reform. Even while these pageants frequently award financial awards, one Siberian jail even grants the winner early freedom. Volunteer hair stylists and makeup artists help the competitors, who are assessed on their appearance, appeal, and attitude.

5. Mr. or Ms. Mosquito Legs

Contestants in beauty pageants are judged on their physique which includes how toned their body is, particularly their legs. Well, in the Mr. and Ms. Mosquito legs pageants, the skinnier the better. The pageant is held every July as a part of the Great Texas Mosquito Festival in Clute, Texas. Persons attending the festival are encouraged to grace the stage in short shorts in the hopes of being crowned Mr. or Ms. Mosquito Legs. 

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